Applying to jobs posted in WaterlooWorks


WaterlooWorks is Waterloo’s online system created for students and employers to manage the recruitment process.

WaterlooWorks' broad scope makes it a dynamic recruiting tool for employers, an all-in-one system for students to use to search and apply for jobs, and a record-keeping and interview-scheduling tool for Co-operative Education (CE) staff.

Job descriptions:

  • Are viewed through WaterlooWorks
  • Are available for application starting in the morning on posting open dates

Job postings:

  • Look at the important dates, to determine posting open and close dates
  • Job postings take place on specific dates prior to the first interview cycle, then change to daily postings for continuous interview cycles
  • You should apply to a maximum of 50 jobs
  • You must be unemployed and scheduled for an upcoming work term to search and apply to jobs in WaterlooWorks

The WaterlooWorks job application process

  1. Perform a job search in WaterlooWorks and add jobs you're interested in to your shortlist
  2. Use your job short list to prioritize jobs before making a final application decision.
  3. Finalize your choices then apply to jobs by clicking “apply” on each appropriate row of the jobs in your job short list.

Key notes:

  • CE recommends you apply to no more than 50 jobs in the Main Interview Cycle. We will be monitoring your application numbers and you may be contacted by your CE advisor
  • Once you apply, your application package is frozen and no changes to your work history (including new or updated evaluations) or grades will be included in your package
  • If a change is made and the application deadline has not passed, you can cancel your application and resubmit it with the updated document(s)
  • If you apply to a job in error, contact your student advisor immediately (or a career advisor if you’ve not yet had a first work term).
    • If discrepancies occur, report them to the Information Centre, Ground Level, TC immediately, but no later than 4:00 p.m. on the job posting close date. 

Don't wait until last minute to apply

Extensions will not be given to students who are logged in, but have not completed their applications by the time the posting closes.

Don’t contact employers for job details. Instead, conduct your own research on the web.

Co-operative Education will not provide the names, e-mail addresses or phone numbers of interviewers.

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Work search resources - finding a co-op job

Take a look at the work search resources in the Centre for Career Action’s CareerHub (login required)

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Combined job search

Adding external job offers to rankings during Main Round interviews (as of Winter 2018): External job offers received during the first interview cycle can now be added to your Ranking Form as part of the Main Match process. The Arrange own job form should be submitted immediately. You will be notified via message when the offer has been processed and added to your Ranking Form. Students will be required to attend all scheduled interviews. You must accept the offer through the usual Rank/Match process. This process is time sensitive - contact your Student Advisor (Work Term Support – WTS) on WaterlooWorks immediately to let them know you have an offer that you would like added to your Ranking Form.

Note: Only one offer can be added to a student's Ranking Form per match.

You can search and apply for jobs via WaterlooWorks, as well as search for jobs externally, on your own.

Meet with your student advisor (or a career advisor if you’re searching for a job for your first work term) to clarify job search strategies and to ensure you comply with Co-operative Education’s regulations and procedures.

Otherwise, you’re committed to all interviews granted until you’re matched with a job through the process.

To withdraw from any interviews scheduled through WaterlooWorks when trying to arrange your own job, you must first speak with your student advisor (or a career advisor if you’ve not yet had a work term).

Use letters of Introduction:

We recommend that you write targeted cover letters outlining your relevant accomplishments and show the employer that you understand how you could benefit them.

In those letters, you may wish to include a statement such as:

Hiring a co-op student can save you money directly. You can find out more about the Co-op Tax Credit and funding programs for employers within Ontario and Canada at Hire Waterloo.

[Note: Do not use the above statement if applying to employers outside of Canada.]

More importantly, hiring a co-op student can bring immediate value to your workplace.  The University of Waterloo runs the largest co-operative education program in the world and takes the professional development of its students seriously.  All co-op students complete mandatory professional development courses to help them adapt to new workplaces and begin contributing away.  Students are also evaluated by their co-op supervisors, and their rankings are visible to future employers.

Co-op Education will, upon request, provide you with an electronic letter of introduction that you may use to accompany your job search documents.

The letter of introduction provides prospective employers (not already actively recruiting Waterloo co-op students) with a brief synopsis of co-operative education at Waterloo.

If you would like to use a letter of introduction, drop in to see a career advisor (pre-first work term student) or request a letter from your student advisor.

Financial incentives for employers to hire you

  • When searching for your own job, use these benefits of hiring a Waterloo student and the cost savings to help convince the employer to hire you.
  • A key financial benefit to companies who hire a Co-op student is the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC).
    • Companies are eligible to claim the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC) which provides them with a 25-30 per cent cost savings (claimed as a tax credit), up to $3000 per work term per student hired.
    • See more information about funding support.
  • University of Waterloo faculty have the opportunity to take advantage of the Undergraduate Research Internship Program to hire you as a full-time co-op or regular student.

Note: Organizations not eligible for the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC) are government (all levels) and other not-for-profit organizations.