Information for

​​Co-op students in a meeting

Arranging your own employment

  • Arrange own job form

    • To get co-op credit for your arranged job, you must complete and submit the Arrange own job form.

    • Inform your student advisor (if you have been employed on a work term) or schedule an appointment with a career advisor if you’re arranging your first work term about your arranged job. Your advisor will then decide whether or not the job appears to be appropriate for official credit.

    • When you inform Co-operative Education that you will be arranging your own job for the upcoming work term, your co-op status will be temporarily recorded in WaterlooWorks as "Unemployed: Student Arranged" (UA) until it is validated with the employer. At the point of validation, your status will be changed to “Employed.” Please note that you can use the Arrange own job form to add a job to your ranking form, in this case your co-op status will stay at "Unemployed: Interview Process". 

    • For your work term to be verified, you must notify Co-operative Education of your work term arrangements within seven calendar days of your first day of employment.

    • Co-operative Education must have sufficient time to verify your work term, including the content and length, so submitting your Job Information form late is not acceptable.

    • The Arrange own job form can be used for jobs arranged in or outside of Canada

    • Business card order form

Changing your academic and work term sequences

These forms must be printed and filled out and submitted. Please use the  PDF version.

Form PDF Version HTML
Academic/work term sequence change form PDF HTML
MATH Academic/work term sequence change form PDF HTML

Study Abroad Exchange application

Interview process forms

  • Job sign-off requests, interview time changes and conflicts can be submitted using the 'Send A Message' button in WaterlooWorks

WSIB/Chubb Insurance forms



Student work term performance evaluation forms

These forms must be printed and filled out and submitted. Please use the  PDF version.

Form PDF Version HTML
Student performance evaluation form for work terms PDF HTML
Math/Teaching Students Option PDF Version HTML
Mathematics/Teaching Student performance feedback PDF HTML

Math employer work report evaluation

It’s mandatory for students in Mathematics (including Math Accounting),  and recommended for students in Math Science/Biotechnology Accounting. Not required by any other programs.

Hand in this evaluations with your work report.

Form PDF Version HTML
Employer work report evaluation - Mathematic students PDF HTML

Returning to campus

Update meetings usually begin the day after the first day of classes. This meeting will be via either phone or Skype.  You have the option of scheduling an update meeting during the first week of classes, if you indicate that you need a meeting “as soon as possible”, or during the first month of the term, if you indicate “no rush”.

You will receive an email from Co-operative Education, with a link to the eUpdate form.  The eUpdate form will assist in updating Co-operative Education on your soon-to-be-completed work term.  Your student advisor may also request an update meeting with you.  If you are requested, or indicate your wish for an update meeting, you will receive a message just before the end of the work term with the link to sign up for a meeting time.

Official letters

  • To whom it may concern letters

    • Co-operative Education doesn’t produce official letters to verify past work terms.
    • If you require a letter, contact the Customer Service Counter in the Registrar’s Office on campus in Needles Hall, or obtain a proof of enrolment form from the Registrar website.

Legal forms

Some jobs may require you to fill out forms such as:

  • security clearances
  • medicals
  • police checks
  • confidentiality agreements
  • personal profiles, etc.

These forms will take time to process.

Record of employment

  • If you need a record of employment, contact your previous employer directly.
  • In accordance with Policy 19, Co-operative Education doesn’t release information to third party requests, unless it’s part of the co-op process.
  • If your co-op work record has sufficient information, then use it to demonstrate your employment as a co-op student. Your co-op work record can be found on WaterlooWorks. If you no longer have access to WaterlooWorks, email the Information Centre and request a copy.


For students on co-op work terms only (not available for full-time employment verification): If you receive an offer package from your employer and you require a notary signature, we offer this service in Co-operative Education. The notary is available to sign your documents in Tatham Centre free of charge. See below for times and locations.

Note: the CEE notary cannot notarize forms for the following:

  • Tax purposes
  • Full time (non-co-op) jobs

If you need these papers notarized, we can give you the name of a notary in town who is certified to notarize these documents for a fee. Contact the University Relations Administrators at

Please ensure you bring the following required documents:

  • All forms/documents which you need notarized, completed but not signed or dated. Also, complete the form using your current address, not your permanent address.
  • Your University of Waterloo student identification card
  • Two pieces of original identification, at least one of which is a piece of government-issued, photo identification. Expired identification and photocopies of identification are not acceptable. Please check the instructions which came with your forms - these often indicate acceptable forms of identification.
  • Photocopies of each piece of identification, front and back. Each ID must be photocopied separately.

Months of February, June and October

By appointment only

Please contact the University Relations Administrators at

Months of March, July and November

  • Drop in to TC 3232 or TC 3234, no appointment needed
  • All day Wed, Fri - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding 1 hour for lunch).
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs - 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Months of April, August and December

First two weeks of the month

  • Drop in, no appointment needed
  • All day Wed, Fri - 9-4pm (excluding 1 hr for lunch) TC 3232, TC 3234
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs 9-10am only TC 3232, TC 3234

Last two weeks of the month

  • By appointment only
  • Please contact the University Relations Administrators at

Please bring:

  1. All forms/documents, completed but not signed or dated; originals
  2. One copy of all documents for which you need verified or certified copies
  3. At least one piece of government-issued, photo identification (expired identification and photocopies of identification are not acceptable)
  4. Your student identification card. However, please refer to the instructions on your documents - some applications require two pieces of photo identification. Please make one copy (front and back) of you identification. Also, complete the form given to you by the employer using your CURRENT address, not your permanent address.

Please ensure you bring with you all the documents listed above so they are able to complete the verification on your documents at once and save everyone time.