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Average earnings for a co-op work term

In accordance with guidelines set by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada), you must receive some monetary compensation for your co-op work terms in order to receive credit.

In some situations, unpaid co-op jobs will be approved for work term credit, as long as the job conforms to the guidelines for unpaid work terms.

Co-op rates of pay vary widely depending on:

  • your employer,
  • your program of study,
  • your work term level.

The University encourages employers to pay co-op students at least minimum wage for the work location. Usually, pay increases with experience.

Co-operative Education records pay rates during work site consultations and then compiles this data to form average annual earnings.

Employers are not required to follow these pay rates, but they may use them as a guideline. Your employer ultimately determines pay rates.

Piggybank and coin\$260+Million in student earningswith average co-op earnings of \$12,100 per work term in Canada