Legal authorizations (visas / permits) for international work terms outside of Canada and USA

Each country has different types of legal authorizations (visas / permits) that will allow you to conduct the work term activities you are going there for.

If you will be working outside of North America for your international co-op work term, you can find recent information about obtaining legal authorizations by going to the:

  • Local Embassy, or consulate of the country you will be working in.

The local Embassy or Consulate can provide you with information about:

  • What type of legal authorization you will require
  • How long the application process takes

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary documentation required by the country the job is in to participate in the international co-op work term. The University (or CEE) cannot provide related advice or arrange for this documentation on a student's behalf. The student must work with the employer and/or the issuing authority of the destination country to obtain this documentation. If the student cannot obtain the necessary documentation to participate in the co-op work term, the student must find an alternate co-op opportunity. Working in a country without the necessary documentation can have serious consequences, including, but without limitation, being fined or detained. Any consequences that ensue from having inappropriate documentation are the student's responsibility.

  • Project Visa is one of the sites that provides you with information about the nearest issuing authority of the country you will be working in. This resource is being provided to you as information only; it is not endorsed by CEE or the University.