"Where in the World?!" Co-op Photo Contest, 2018

Winners of the Contest

We asked our participants to send us their 'Stories of Impact' as a reflection on what inspired them to submit their photos.

1st Place: Rebecca Wong, Mechanical Engineering, on her Spring 2018 work term in Hong Kong

Photo contest 2018 - 1st place

Rebecca says, "This image shows lunch one quiet Saturday afternoon from my grandparent’s kitchen in Hong Kong. They frequently have noodles for lunch as it is simple and delicious. Kitchens in Hong Kong are old-fashioned compared to Canadian ones, typically with gas tabletop stoves. Although space is more limited that in Canada, comfort is found in the small things. Through having a work term here, I have been able to reconnect with family and fully experience daily life in Hong Kong. The mountains in the background also depicts how contrast-filled Hong Kong is, with nature and city life never too far apart."

2nd Place: Ryan Cohen, Environment and Business, on his Winter 2018 work term in Uganda

Photo contest 2018 - 2nd place

Ryan says, "While on a co-op in Uganda, my co-workers and I took the opportunity to tour the country’s national parks. This wildlife encounter occurred in the isolated Kidepo Valley National Park in Northern Uganda. We came across this elephant late in the day, and as I took my final shots of the charismatic creature, he began stamping the ground and inching toward our vehicle. We took our cue to move on, and as we departed I asked our guide if elephants ever charge vehicles. He paused as we moved a safe distance away and responded, “It’s been known to happen …”"

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