Courses for your Electrical Engineering degree

First-year courses

September to December

  • ENGL 192/COMMST 192 – Communication in the Engineering Profession
  • ECE 105 – Classical Mechanics
  • ECE 150 – Fundamentals of Programming
  • ECE 190 – Engineering Profession and Practice
  • MATH 115 – Linear Algebra for Engineering
  • MATH 117 – Calculus 1 for Engineering
  • ECE 198 – Project Studio
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Milestone

January to April or May to August

  • ECE 102 – Information Session
  • ECE 106 – Electricity and Magnetism
  • ECE 108 – Discrete Mathematics and Logic 1
  • ECE 124 – Digital Circuits and Systems
  • ECE 140 – Linear Circuits
  • ECE 192 – Engineering Economics and Impact on Society 
  • MATH 119 – Calculus 2 for Engineering

This is a sample schedule. Courses are subject to change.

Note: Milestones and courses with deadlines for successful completion are shown in the terms where they are normally completed.

After first year

See the range of courses available in Electrical and Computer Engineering. You can also view all the courses required for your degree.

Sample upper-year courses

ECE 260 – Electromechanical Energy Conversion
ECE 307 – Probability Theory and Statistics 2
ECE 375 – Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ECE 406 – Algorithm Design and Analysis 

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