Courses for your Electrical Engineering degree

First-year courses and beyond*

September to December

  • ENGL 192/SPCOM 192 – Communication in the Engineering Profession
  • ECE 105 – Classical Mechanics
  • ECE 150 – Fundamentals of Programming
  • ECE 190 – Engineering Profession and Practice
  • MATH 115 – Linear Algebra for Engineering
  • MATH 117 – Calculus 1 for Engineering
  • ECE 198 – Project Studio
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Milestone**

January to April or May to August

  • ECE 102 – Information Session
  • ECE 106 – Electricity and Magnetism
  • ECE 108 – Discrete Mathematics and Logic 1
  • ECE 124 – Digital Circuits and Systems
  • ECE 140 – Linear Circuits
  • ECE 192 – Engineering Economics and Impact on Society 
  • MATH 119 – Calculus 2 for Engineering
  • ECE 101A – Work-term Reflections

After first year

See the range of courses available in Electrical and Computer Engineering. You can also view all the courses required for your degree.

    Sample upper-year courses

    ECE 260 – Electromechanical Energy Conversion
    ECE 307 – Probability Theory and Statistics 2
    ECE 375 – Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
    ECE 406 – Algorithm Design and Analysis 

    *This is a sample schedule. Courses may be subject to change depending on availability each term.
    **Milestones and courses with deadlines for successful completion are shown in the terms where they are normally completed. Work-term report courses (WKRPT 201WKRPT 301WKRPT 401) are considered milestones with deadlines for successful completion 

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