Extended Health and Dental Benefits

GreenShield Benefit Booklet

In the GreenShield benefit booklets, you will find more information relating to your extended health benefit coverage.

Full benefits program enrollees (PDF)

This summary benefits booklet contains information about your health and dental coverage with the Full Benefits programs with GreenShield. 

Temporary benefits program enrollees (PDF)

This summary benefits booklet contains information about your specific health benefits in the Temporary Benefit Program with GreenShield. 

The University has an agreement with GreenShield whereby the University has full liability for Healthcare (other than GreenShield Travel Assistance) and Dental care benefits outlined on this website and the GreenShield benefit booklets.

This means that the University has agreed to fund these benefits, and they are, therefore, uninsured. All claims will be processed by GreenShield.

On any occasion when a significant expense is expected, covered individuals are encouraged to submit a cost estimate or predetermination/treatment plan to GreenShield beforehand. This can be done by having the practitioner provide a predetermination of benefits. Predetermination forms are available through your GSC everywhere account and GreenShield Customer Support Centre.  

To find out what is covered under your benefit contract, or for any issues with claim payments, please contact GreenShield directly or login to your GSC everywhere account. 

How to contact GreenShield: 
Toll-free at 1-888-711-1119 
GreenShield Support Centre: an online hub where you’ll find the answers to commonly asked questions

Your extended benefits at a glance

Extended healthcare

The Extended health care benefit is designed to help cover the cost of necessary health care expenses which are not covered by OHIP. Benefit includes prescription drug coverage, paramedical services, hospital/ambulance coverage and medical equipment/supplies. View the Extended healthcare benefit page for more information on out-of-pocket cap, drug coverage, and predetermination of coverage.

Need assistance on understanding your drug card? View The benefits ID card web page.

Out of country

Provided you have the extended health care benefit, you and your insured dependents are covered while travelling out of the country for emergency medical services. View the Out of country benefit page for more information on emergency contacts, coverage, and information on travelling to Cuba.

Note: You must contact GreenShield in the event of an emergency while travelling out of country.

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Eligible employees of the University of Waterloo and their dependants may utilize the Employee & Family Assistance Program  as provided by Homewood Health. To access this program, individuals can call 1.800.663.1142 or visit the homeweb website.


Dental benefit is designed to help cover the cost of necessary dental care expenses. Benefit includes basic services, comprehensive basic services major services and orthodontic services. View the Dental benefit page for more information.


Disability benefits are designed to provide you with income continuation during periods of illness or injury. View the long-term disability rates.

Out-of-pocket cap

Eligible paramedical and drug expenses are shared 80% by the plan and 20% out-of-pocket by the employee. Once the employee reaches the out-of-pocket cap, the plan pays 100% of eligible expenses, subject to benefit maximums, and reasonable and customary limits.

The out-of-pocket cap for 2024 is $143 single/$288 family coverage. This represents 20% of a total of $715 in expenses for single or $1,440 in expenses for family.

UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan)

UHIP is an affordable and mandatory health insurance plan for all eligible international non-residents (and their dependants) studying or working at a participating Ontario University. UHIP covers you for many of the same services covered by OHIP; however, it does not offer the exact same coverage as OHIP. Visit the UHIP web page for more information on plan details, enrollment, cost, coverage and more.

Updating Your Records

To ensure your coverage is kept up-to-date, please update any of the following changes in your Workday account:

  • Change of name and/or spousal status or contact information, including your mailing address, telephone number, and personal email address;
  • Change in dependents and/or spousal status; annual confirmation of continued overage dependent status, if applicable;
  • Designating a primary and/or contingent beneficiary or beneficiaries and changing your designation(s) when necessary (original form with your wet signature is always required). It is important to note that under the pension plan, your spouse is entitled to the pre-retirement death benefit regardless of who you have designated as your beneficiary, unless a waiver form has been completed and submitted to Human Resources.

If you designate a minor (children under 18) as your beneficiary, it is recommended that you also designate a trustee.

For assistance, please visit uwaterloo.ca/workday to view the available step by step instructions on updating benefits records. For further assistance, please contact hrhelp@uwaterloo.ca.

Retiree benefits

Retiree benefits are available to employees who have participated in the Waterloo benefits program (full and/or temporary) for at least ten continuous years immediately before their date of retirement, and an immediate pension is elected. Benefits include extended health care and life insurance. Learn more on the Retiree benefits page. 

Considering working past age 65? 

For regular employees working beyond age 65, learn more about how benefits will continue.