Doctor of Philosophy thesis list

Theses are available for viewing on UWSpace from 2002 onwards. Older theses are available through microfiche from the UW Library.


  • Walker, Earl (2021) (Supervisor: S. Mock) "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Get me Ouddah Here: The Role of Attachment in Developmental Outcomes at Summer Camp"


  • Flanagan, Ashley (2020) (Supervisor: L. Berbary) Do we Really get to Choose our own Story? (Re)imagining Community Support With Transgender and Non-Binary Older Adults 

  • Norman, Richard (2020) (Supervisors: H. Mair and K. Misener) Troubling Dominance in Sport: Deconstructing Curling Culture(s) through Narrative Inquiry
  • Yang, Xiaotao (2020) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Privileging Indigenous voices: Narratives of travel experiences of Tibetans
  • Yu, Jibin Holden (2020) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Examining the Formation of Wellbeing During and its Change After a Tourism Experience

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  • Jiang, Kai (2019) (Supervisors: M. Havitz and L. Potwarka) An Exploration of Destination Brand Love among Theme-Park Based Tourists and Excursionists
  • Torabian, Pooneh (2019) (Supervisor: H. Mair) "Look at me! Am I a Security Threat?!": Border Crossing Experiences of Canadian Dual Citizens Post 9/11 

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  • Ayer, Nadina (2018) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Online Leisure Communities: The Case of Tennis Enthusiasts
  • Gao, Mingjie (2018) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Exploring the Influence of Family Holidays on Chinese Adolescents' Subjective Wellbeing
  • Henhawk, Daniel (2018) (Supervisor: T. Glover) A war between stories: Leisure, colonialism and my struggles to reconcile my Indigeneity
  • Lopez, Kimberly (2018) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) "We are not a Machine": Personal Support Workers' (Ante)Narratives of Labours, Leisure, and Hope Amidst Politics of Genderacialised Care in Long-Term Care Homes
  • Mainland, Michael (2018) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Kung Fu is Inside the Body: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Cultivating Martial Art Practices

  • Muldoon, Meghan (2018) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Gazing Back: A Feminist Postcolonial Lens on Tourism in the Townships of South Africa

  • Simmonds, Hugh (2018) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Curating the Cinematic Muse: The Role of Programming in the Film Festival Experience – The 40th Toronto International Film Festival

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  • Chesser, Stephanie (2017) (Supervisor: D. Parry) Diapers and Dissertations: An Exploration of Doctoral and Postdoctoral Trainee Decision-Making Surrounding First-Time Parenthood
  • Miller, Maggie (2017) (Supervisor: H. Mair) An Exploration of Sherpas' Narratives of Living and Dying in Mountaineering

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  • Guttentag, Daniel (2016) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Why Tourists Choose Airbnb: A Motivation-Based Segmentation Study Underpinned by Innovation Concepts
  • Rattan, Jasveen (2016) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Volunteer Tourism: An Exploration of Socially Responsible Tourism Practices
  • Rouzrokh, Mahsa (2016) (Supervisor: H. Mair) The Metamorphosis of Self: Phenomenological Insights Into the Meaning of Being for Immigrant Artists

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  • Carson, Jennifer (2015) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Working Together to put Living First: A Culture Change Process in a Long-Term Care and Retirement Living Organization Guided by Critical Participatory Action Research
  • Chapeskie, Amanda (2015) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) A Tale of Two Schoolings: A leisure scholar's autoethnographic exploration of different learning settings
  • Griffin, Tom (2015) (Supervisor: S. Smith) The Experience of Hosting Friends and Relatives for Immigrants
  • McKeown, Janet (2015) (Supervisor: D. Parry) Single and Ready to Mingle? A Feminist Exploration of Singlehood, Dating, and Leisure

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  • Wilson, Austin Wade (2014) (Supervisors: M. Havitz and B. Smale) Associations of Moral Disengagement, Passion, and Competitive Anger and Aggressiveness with Attitudes toward Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport

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  • Agyeman, Yaw Boakye (2013) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) The Role of Local Knowledge in Sustaining Ecotourism Livelihood as an Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Chen, Ying-Yu (2013) (Supervisor: S. Smith) The Role of Food in Tourists' Experiences: A Case Study of Taiwan

  • Whyte, Colleen (2013) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Transitions in Belonging and Sense of Community in a Long-Term Care Home: Explorations in Discourse, Policy and Lived Experience

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  • Ainley, Suzanne (2012) (Supervisor: B. Smale) The Experience of Ontario Farm Families Engaged in Agritourism
  • Banyai, Maria (2012) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Assessing Visitors’ Satisfaction at Parks Canada Sites
  • Mulcahy, Caitlin (2012) (Supervisor: D. Parry) The homing of the home: Exploring gendered work, leisuresocial construction and loss through women’s family memory keeping
  • Oyapero, Babatunde (2012) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) A bi-cultural analysis of Nigerian Canadian immigrants with respect to acculturative stress, coping, ego involvement and participation in leisure
  • Snelgrove, Ryan (2012) (Supervisor: R. Mannell) Living with a Chronic Illness in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

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  • Fortune, Darla (2011) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Participatory Approaches to Re-Imagining Women’s Social Inclusion as Social Justice: Experiences of Community after Federal Incarceration in Canada
  • Potwarka, Luke R. (2011) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Understanding Response to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

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  • Gallant, Karen Anne (2010) (Supervisor: S. Arai and B. Smale) Feelings of Obligation Related to Volunteering as Serious Leisure Within a Communitarian Framework
  • Gillies, Jennifer Lynn (2010) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) A Framework for Creating a Campus Culture of Compassion: A Participatory Action Research Approach to Equality
  • Johnson, Amanda J. (2010) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Consumption Communities: An Examination of the Kitchener Market as a Third Place
  • Sailor, Lisa E. (2010) (Co-Supervisors: H. Mair and B. Smale) Conditioning Community: Power and Decision-Making in Transitioning an Industry-based Community

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  • Genoe, Mary Rebecca (2009)(Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Living with Hope in the Midst of Change: The Meaning of Leisure within the Context of Dementia
  • Hilbrecht, Margo (2009)(Supervisor: S. Shaw) Parents, employment, gender and well-being: a time use study
  • Nowaczek, Agnes (2009) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Questioning the Unquestioned: Scale Development to Assess Ecotourist Ethics
  • Robson, Linda (2009) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Perceptions of Risk at Meetings and Conferences: An Event Planner’s Perspective
  • Trussell, Dawn (2009) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Organized Youth Sport, Parenthood Ideologies and Gender Relations: Parents’ and  Children’s  Experiences and the Construction of “Team Family”

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  • Yuen, Felice (2008) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) Walking The Red Road: Aboriginal Federally Sentenced Women’s Experiences in Healing,  Empowerment, And Re-Creation

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  • Kaczynski, Andrew (2007) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) A Walk In The Park: Exploring The Impact Of Parks And Recreation Amenities As Activity-Promoting Features Of The Built Environment
  • Meldrum, John (2007) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Understanding Commitment and the Contingent Leisure Service Worker: An Interpretive Approach
  • Wiersma, Elaine (2007) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Making Institutional Bodies: Socialization Into the Nursing Home
  • Xiao, Honggen (2007) (Supervisor: S. Smith) The Social Structure Of A Scientific Community: A Case Study of the Travel and Tourism Research Association
  • Zealand, Clark (2007) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Decolonizing Experiences: An Ecophenomenological Investigation of the Lived-Experience of Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers

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  • Caissie, Linda (2006) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) The Raging Grannies: Understanding the Role of Activism in the Lives of Older Women
  • Halpenny, Elizabeth (2006) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Environmental Behaviour, Place Attachment and Park Visitation: A case study of visitors to Point Pelee National Park

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  • Staempfli, Marianne (2005) (Supervisor: R. Mannell) Adolescent Playfulness, Leisure and Well-Being

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  • Barnes, Martha (2004) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Understanding the Factors that Influenced Charitable Giving at a Local Symphony
  • Delamere, Fern (2004) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) “It’s Just Really Fun  to Play!” A Constructionist Perspective of Violence and Gender Representations in Violent Video Games
  • Lemelin, Harvey (2004) (Supervisor: B. Smale) The Integration of Human Dimensions with the Environmental Context: A Study of Polar Bear Observers in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Churchill, Manitoba

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  • Morden, Peter (2003) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Need, Affect & Satisfaction: An Investigation Into The Domains of Work Leisure, Family and Community
  • Scantlebury, Michael (2003) (Supervisor: S. Smith) The Ownership Structures of Heritage Tourism Enterprises in Barbados and Their Institutional and Community Involvement
  • Schneider, Margaret (2003) (Supervisor: R. MannellUntil You’ve  Walked a Mile in My Shoes:  An Introspective Look at the Lived Experiences of Parents of Children With Cancer

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  • Shannon, Charlene (2002) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Adult Women’s Work,  Family, and Leisure Choices: The influence of Mothers on Daughters

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  • Connolly, Catherine (2001) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) The Role of Women in a Community Initiative on theNeighbourhood Level

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  • Glover, Troy (2000) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) An Examination of the Relationship Between Citizenship Orientations and the Way Public Leisure Services are Produced
  • Johnson-Tew, Paula (2000) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) A Field Experiment for Analysing Organisational Communication Strategies and Outcomes
  • Rehman, Laurene (2000) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Entrepreneurship and the Intersection of Work, Leisure, and Family

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  • Kloseck, Marita (1999) (Co-supervisors: R. Mannell and M. Stones) Building a Self-Sustaining Community System of Health Support for the Elderly: Determinants of Individual Participation in Voluntary Community Action (Joint degree with Health Studies and Gerontology)
  • Heintzman, Paul (1999) (Supervisor: R. Mannell) Leisure and Spiritual Well-Being: A Social Scientific Exploration

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  • Iwasaki, Yoshi (1998) (Supervisor: R. Mannell) Leisure and Stress-Coping:  Reconceptualization and Analysis

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  • Tirone, Susan (1997) (Supervisor:  A. Pedlar) Balancing Leisure, Community and Cultural Traditions: South Asian Adolescents in Canada

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