Master of Arts thesis list

Theses are available for viewing on UWSpace from 2002 onwards. Older theses are available through microfiche from the UW Library.


  • Appah, Christina (2020) (Supervisor: K. Boluk) An Examination of Ghanaian Tourism Social Entrepreneurs in Progressing the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Engell, Katia (2020) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Reconceptualising Relationships in the Dementia Context: Imagining the Caring Process as Fertile Ground for Friendship Between Persons Living with Dementia and Paid Care Partners

  • Hutchinson, Ashley (2020) (Supervisor: K. Misener) Partnership Evaluation Practices in Public-Nonprofit Community Sport Relationships: Understanding Resource Dependency

  • Koroll, Rebecca (2020) (Supervisor: S. Mock) Understanding the Pathways in the Relationship between Engagement with Nature and Wellbeing

  • Milne, Jordana (2020) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) A Phenomenological Investigation of Spirituality in Outdoor Recreation

  • Morrison, Laura (2020) (Supervisor: D. Parry) “It’s a fine line”: An autoethnographic exploration of alcohol-involved sexual assault

  • Selvaratnam, Vinurshan (2020) (Supervisor: R. Snelgrove) How awareness, motivations, constraints, and organizational facilitators influence participation in campus recreation

  • Serota, Alexine (2020) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) “I could never live without a dog”: Re-storied narratives of persons living with dementia and their companion animals

  • Silver, Alex (2020) (Supervisor: S. Mock) The Relationship Between Class and Reading: An Examination of the Cultural Omnivore Hypothesis

  • Sivasubramaniam, Arany (2020) (Supervisor: K. Lopez) Uprooting and Rerooting: A Critical Race Informed Narrative Inquiry of LTC Home Culture With Stories Told by Thamizh (Tamil) Elders

  • Thompson, Karen (2020) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Weaving connections: A case study examining the experiences of a community-initiated social leisure program for individuals with dementia and their care partners

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  • Belanger, Brendan (2019) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) Tracking Denesoline Knowledge and Narratives along Ancestral Waters
  • Ergen, Can (2019) (Supervisor: S. Mock) Choir Participation and Community Wellbeing: A Social Identity Approach
  • Farrar, Elizabeth (2019) (Supervisor: C. Johnson) Rethinking drinking: an exploration of the discourses surrounding binge-drinking among first-year university students that live in residence
  • Gibbons, Brooke (2019) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Older Adults’ Experiences of Community in Municipal Recreation Contexts: A Case Study of the Burlington Seniors’ Centre
  • MacDonald, Andrew (2019) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Pinery Provincial Park Smartphone Application Pilot Project
  • Nijjar, Jasmine (2019) (Supervisor: C. Johnson) Young, Wild*, and (somewhat) Free: A Narrative Exploration of Married Second-Generation East Indian Canadian Women and Their Relationship with Leisure
  • Pludwinski, Brandon (2019) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) “Stop paddling and see where we are”: A postcolonial mobile deconstruction of environmental discourses (re)produced on summer camp canoe trips through Algonquin Park
  • Schroeder, Lara (2019) (Supervisor: K. Misener) Exploring certification programs and organizational capacity in Canadian soccer
  • Skeete, Joseph (2019) (Supervisor: K. Boluk) Examining Stakeholder Engagement Processes and The Shared Value Creation of Sustainability Partnership Program at Two Fairmont Hotels
  • Stinson, Michela (2019) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) Beta and bolt hangers: An Actor-Network approach to storying the Niagara Escarpment

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  • Bakhsh, Jordan (2018) (Supervisor: L. Potwarka) Understanding a Demonstration Effect Among Youth Sport Spectators: An Application and Augmentation of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
  • Brake, Jessica (2018) (Supervisor: K. Misener) Investigating the Role of Intergroup Contact within an Inner-City Youth Sport-for-Development Program: A Case Study
  • Cohen, Helen (2018) (Supervisor: K. Boluk) Exploring Presentations of the Self: Tourist Identity and Representation on Facebook

  • Leighton, Jaylyn (2018) (Supervisor: C. Johnson) The Perfect Storm: The good, The Bad, and The Ugly of In-Patient Mental Health Recovery (Trauma and Substance-Use): A Narrative Exploration

  • McKnight, Ekaterina (2018) (Supervisor: K. Boluk) Exploring Participants’ Expectations and Experiences of Short-Term Language Programs

  • Simone, Gregory (2018) (Supervisor: L. Potwarka) An Exploration of Factors that Influence Post-Varsity Sport Participation: The Case of Former Ontario University Athletic (OUA) volleyball players
  • Taylor, Madyson (2018) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) Elephant-based Volunteer Tourism: An exploration of participant experiences and reflections on captive elephant welfare in Thailand

  • Tepylo, Halyna (2018) (Supervisor: L. Potwarka) Communicating leisure: Meanings of leisure in newcomer settlement service provision

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  • Aguilar Mendez, Laura Elizabeth (2017) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Second homes in Mexico: An exploration of the social connections of international residents in the city of Merida
  • Bartlett, Mary Lynne (2017) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Experiences at Lollapalooza: Theorizing About Belonging, Group Norms, and the Role of the Trickster in Liminal Community Space

  • Devasher, Retnika (2017) (Supervisor: K. Boluk) Exploring the Experiences and Perceptions of Community Ambassadors in the New World Community
  • Gallant, Ashley (2017) (Supervisor: K. Boluk) Understanding the Lived Experiences of Local Residents in Muskoka, Ontario: A Case Study on Cottaging
  • Kalbfleisch, Lindsay (2017) (Supervisor: S. Mock) An Examination of the Nature of Sexual Minority Men's Gender-Typed Sport Involvement: Exploring the Role of Gender Atypicality and Sense of Belonging
  • Mayers, Rebecca (2017) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Whose Lane is it Anyway? The Negligence Towards Cyclists within a Mid-sized City
  • Pilon, Chantel (2017) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Suffering and Storytelling - Exploring Extreme Leisure Through Trails, Trials, and Tales
  • Stevens, Zachary (2017) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) Outcomes of Natural Play and Learning Spaces: A Collaborative Case Study with KidActive
  • Teare, Georgia (2017) (Supervisor: L. Potwarka) Understanding a Demonstration Effect of 2015 Pan Am Games Track Cycling Competitions: Exploring Relationships Between Pre-Event Engagement, Trait Inspiration, Positive Affect, and Participation Intention

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  • Cousineau, Luc (2016) (Supervisor: K. Misener) Older Adult Volunteers: Understanding the meaning of volunteering in the transition to retirement
  • Edwards, Leisel (2016) (Supervisor: S. Nepal) Policy-Practice Mismatch? Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Fu, Ying (2016) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Exploring the Influence of Customer Behaviour on Frontline Employee Engagement
  • Gulliver, Lynne (2016) (Supervisor: K. Misener) Beyond the Ice: An Exploratory Investigation into Social Responsibility within Major Junior Hockey
  • Leeming, Julie (2016) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) Addressing Cultural Vulnerabilities in Arctic Tourism: Kindness as 'Third Space'
  • Masson, Kristin (2016) (Supervisor: L. Berbary) Mothers with Lower-Incomes and Community Programming: Illuminating Narratives of Access and Experience in Kitchener

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  • Abdeahad, Narges (2015) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Exploring the Dynamics of Ego Involvement among Canadian Backpackers: An Achievement Goal Interpretation

  • Barrick, Simon J. (2015) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Experiencing Learn-to-Curl Leagues: A Qualitative Case Study Analysis of Adult Introductory Sport Programs

  • Cai, Siqi (2015) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Leisure Patterns and Constraints Reported by Selected Chinese University Students

  • Cossu, Adrian (2015) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) The Problem with Too Much Fear: Testing the Interaction between Fear Appeals, Message Framing and Visual Metaphors

  • Grant, Emily (2015) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) Exploring the impact of diverse urban environments on well-being

  • Holmes, Allison P. (2015) (Supervisor: B. Grimwood) 'This Sacred Land is Our Home. Respectful Visitors Welcome': An Indigenized code of conduct for visitors to the traditional lands of the Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation

  • McComie, Kenwyn Peter (2015) (Supervisors: L. Potwarka and K. Boluk) Hosting Regional Sport Events: Insights from Emerging Sport Tourism Destinations

  • Shifman, Robbie (2015) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Delving Deeper: The Relationship between Culture, Leisure, and Wellbeing

  • Swartman, Bobbie (2015) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) The Business of Last Chance Tourism: Stakeholders' Perspectives

  • Wong, Sandy (2015) (Supervisor: K. Misener) Whose Week Is It Anyways?: A Case Study of Collaboration Between Student Affairs and Student Volunteers

  • Yan, Nanxi (2015) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Slow Food in China: An Exploratory Study

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  • Campbell, Graham (2014) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Mapping Community with African-Canadian Youth Newcomers: Settlement Narratives and Welcoming Communities
  • Fisher, Mary James (2014) (Supervisor: L. Berbary) Women and Weights: Lived Experiences of Women within a Mixed-Gendered Gym
  • Flanagan, Ashley (2014) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Towards a Diverse Vision of Aging: An Exploration of LGBTQ Aging Experiences and Perceptions
  • Flannery, Dylan (2014) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) An Analysis of Factors that Lead to Commitment to Parks and Protected Areas
  • Freeman, Keri Ann (2014) (Supervisor: D. Parry) From Alpha Athlete to Regretful Spectator: The Gendered and Heteronormative Story of My Sporting Experience
  • Gardi, Andrea (2014) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Visitor Satisfaction at a Local Festival: An Importance-Performance Analysis of Oktoberfest
  • Lichti, Rebecca (2014) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Examining Gender and Age as Predictors of Personal Development in a Summer Camp Setting as Mediated by Social Capital and Social Support
  • Mcneil, Devan (2014) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Individual Meanings, Co-Constructing Narratives of Identity and Community in Journeys with Schizophrenia
  • Metzger, Bethany (2014) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Exploring Fathers' Accounts of Paternal Involvement
  • Miller, Brett (2014) (Supervisor: B. Smale) An Ecological Model Perspective of Children's Experience of Active Play
  • Minello, Karla (2014) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Exploring Play and Playfulness in the Everyday Lives of Older Women
  • Qiu, Ji (2014) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Mainland Chinese International University Students' Travel Motivations, Travel Information Sources, and General Travel Patterns within Canada: A Case Study at the University of Waterloo
  • Zhou, Sishi (2014) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Transformational Tourism: The Example of Backpackers in Tibet

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  • Bondy, Jessica (2013) (Supervisor: D. Parry) A Leisurely Experience (Sometimes): Understanding Sexual Experiences for Couples in a Committed Relationship
  • Campbell, Stephanie (2013) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Adoption Homeland Tourism: A Phenomenological Approach
  • Carruthers, Amanda Lee (2013) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Emotional and Social Developmental Benefits of Summer Camp for Children: Examining the relationship between social capital and emotional intelligence
  • Drewery, David (2013) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Understanding Complaining Behaviour and Users' Preferences for Service Recovery: An Experiment
  • Graham, Taryn (2013) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Encounters of a Multiple-Use Trail: Outdoor Recreation among Dog Walkers, Birdwatchers, and the Broader Community
  • Kerswill, Matthew (2013) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Big Ships, Small Towns: The Impact of New Port Developments in the Cruise Tourism Industry. The case of Falmouth Jamaica
  • Lyons, Kimberly (2013) (Supervisor: S. Arai) This Peregrina's Autoethnographic Account of Walking the Camino Via de la Plata: A Feminist Spiritual Inquiry in Human Transformation in Leisure Studies
  • Salem, Rasha (2013) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Moving from Darkness into Light: The Meanings and Experiences of Yoga for Trauma Survivors
  • Tudor, Maley (2013) (Supervisor: S. Mock) Sexual Minority-focused Sport Group Involvement in Reducing the Impact of Homophobic Stigmatization on Internalized Homophobia and Degree of Disclosure
  • Valtchanov, Bronwen L. (2013) (Supervisor: D. Parry) Critical Intersections of Gender, Race and Ethnicity: Leisure Constraints, Negotiations and Resistances of Immigrant Adolescent Girls
  • Wagler, Faith-Anne (2013) (Supervisor: D. Parry) "We Can Compete and We Can be Equals": Female Experiences of Co-Gendered Soccer

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  • Barlow, Heather (2012) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Gaining Access at Historic Tourism Sites: A Narrative Case Study of Physical Accessibility at Glamis Castle
  • Briscoe, Carrie (2012) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Narrative Exploration of Therapeutic Relationships in Recreation Therapy Through a Self-Reflective Case Review Process
  • Casier, Tara (2012) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Expectations and Experiences of Volunteer Tourism: A Look from Different Perspectives
  • Close, Ashley (2012) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Tourist motivations: Differences between Anglophone and Francophone tourists
  • Graham, Alyssa (2012) (Supervisor: S. Mock) Caregivers of long-term cancer survivors: The role leisure plays in improving psychological well-being
  • Knutson, Shannon (2012) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) The Missing Link: Explorations of Wellness when a Family Member Resides in Long-term Care
  • Levy, Kristen (2012) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Consumer Decision Making and Word of Mouth Communication 
  • Li, Jing (2012) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Exploring the Destination Image of China through International Urban Tourism
  • Lopez, Kimberly (2012) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Expanding Understandings through the Resident Wellness Project: Meanings and Experiences of Wellness from the Perspectives of Residents Living in Long-Term Care (LTC) Homes
  • Maple, Laura (2012) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Leisure in a Time of Transition: A Qualitative Investigation into the Leisure Involvement of First-year University Students
  • Miller, Maggie (2012) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Organic Volunteering: Exploring Understandings and Meanings of Experience
  • Simard, Madeleine (2012) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Employees' Perceptions of Work-Life Balance
  • Wong, Joses (2012) (Supervisor: H. Mair) Exploring the Role of a Community Organization in the Lives of Individuals who are Homeless - a Phenomenological Approach

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  • Albughuli, Maryam (2011) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Exploring Motivations and Values for Domestic Travel from an Islamic and Arab Standpoint: The Case of Saudi Arabia
  • Bakker, Carissa (2011) (Supervisor: S. Mock)  An  Examination  of  the  Association of  Métis  Youth’s Recreation Participation and Academic Retention
  • Feldberg, Hannah-Ruth (2011) (Supervisor: T. Glover)  S’more  than  just fun  and  games :   Teacher’s perceptions on the educational value of camp programs for school groups
  • Fraser, John Cory (2011) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Inter-municipal Partnerships and Community Identity: A Case Study of the Pictou County Wellness Centre
  • Ng, Yvonne Wing-Yan (2011) (Supervisor: H. Mair) The Role of Leisure for Chinese Immigrants at the First Chinese Senior Association of Vaughan
  • Sealey-Baker, Mamie (2011) (Supervisor: P. Eagles and D. Scott) Coral Bleaching and Dive Operators in the Caribbean: Perceptions of Environmental Change
  • Zhou, Lingxu (2011) (Supervisor: G. Wall)  More than just  “Hello”  and “Ni hao”: Exploring bars and intercultural communication in a touristic town, Yangshuo, China

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  • Akkawi, Mais (2010) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Resident Attitudes towards Tourism Development In Conservative Cultures: The Case of Qatar
  • Al Mazro’ei, Lubna (2010) (Supervisor: S. Shaw)  The Experiences of Muslim Women Employed in the Tourism Industry: The Case of Oman
  • Clare, Megan (2010) (Supervisor: S. Shaw)  “I’m finally there”:  An  examination  of  a  feminist  program working to  change  the  dynamics  of  women’ s  poverty
  • Culley, Sarah (2010) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Museums and Tourists:  A Quantitative Look at Curator Perceptions of Tourism
  • Dmytrakova, Kateryna (2010) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Travel Lifestyle and Behaviour of New Canadians
  • Fung, Juliana (2010) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) An Exploration of the Shopping Experience
  • Gebhardt, Amber (2010) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Parks and Recreation Master Plans in Ontario: Determining Factors that Lead to Implementation
  • Hummel, Erica (2010) (Supervisor: S. Mock) Concealable Stigma and Leisure Travel Motivation: The Case of Sexual Minority Adults at a Seasonal-home Campground
  • Imamovic, Nadina (2010) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Tennis Spectator Loyalty When Life Gets in the Way
  • Lansfield, Jessica (2010) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Exploring Therapeutic Relationships in Recreation Therapy at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • Mainland, Michael (2010) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Martial Mind: Examining the Relationship among Martial Arts Participation, Identity, and Well-Being
  • Rafferty, Zara (2010) (Supervisor: S. Arai) “ Everybody Can  Dance the Colour  Pink”:  A  Phenomenological Exploration of the Meanings and Experiences of Inclusive Arts Programs for Practitioners
  • Rodier, Julie (2010) (Supervisor: S. Arai) A Narrative Policy Analysis of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005: Exploring Implementation in Municipal Recreation
  • Tu, Xuefei (2010) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Meanings of Leisure in the Everyday Lives of Chinese University Students
  • Yang, Tianmu (2010) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Investigation of Consumer Acculturation in Dining-out: a Comparison between Recent Chinese Immigrants and Established Chinese Immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area

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  • Banyai, Maria (2009) (Supervisor: S. Smith) The Image of Tourism Destinations: A Case of Dracula Tourism
  • Buteau-Duitschaever, Windekind (2009) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) A Comparison  of  Five  Stakeholders’ Perceptions  of  Governance  under  Ontario  Provincial  Parks’  Management  Model
  • Flack, Andrea (2009) (Supervisor: B. Smale) The Influence of Personal, Social, and Environmental Factors  on  Youths’  Engagement  in  Physical  Activity
  • Henhawk, Daniel (2009) (Supervisor: T. Glover) Aboriginal Participation in Sport: Issues of Race, Culture and Power
  • McCutcheon, Bonnie (2009) (Supervisors: P. Eagles and T. Glover) Whose Parks? A Qualitative Exploration of the Governance of BC Parks
  • Pearce, Kathryn (2009) (Supervisor: S. Arai) Tell Me a Story About Your Child: A Narrative Exploration of Disability in Recreation
  • Rattan, Jasveen (2009) (Supervisors: P. Eagles and H. Mair) The Role Volunteer Tourism Plays in Conservation: A Case Study of the Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Waite, Jaclyn Alicia (2009) (Supervisor: M. Havitz)  Are  We There  Yet?  Parents’  Perceptions of  Risk Associated with Family Vacations

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  • Chapeskie, Amanda Elizabeth (2008) (Supervisor: T. Glover) "But I want to go home!" A qualitative exploration of the experience of summer camp from two contrasting perspectives
  • Chen, Joyce Hui Wen (2008) (Supervisor: G. Wall) Baby Boomers' and Seniors' Domestic Travel Motivations: An Examination of Citizens in Tainan, Taiwan
  • Chung, Jinhee (2008) (Supervisor: S. Shaw)  An  Exploration  of Korean  Immigrant  Women’s  Leisure in Spiritual Settings
  • Gillies, Ann (2008) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Online Communication of Public Leisure Services
  • Razinkova, Irina (2008) (Supervisor: R. Shipley) Goal Communication at Ontario Heritage Sites
  • Swain, Reginald (2008) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Seniors and Cruising: Motivations and Satisfactions

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  • Campbell, Jennifer (2007) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Adolescent Identity Development: The Relationship with Leisure Lifestyle and Motivation
  • Keltie, Denise (2007) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Ski Operations Manager’s  Decision  Making  Under Uncertainty
  • Menounos, Garyfalia Maria (2007) (Supervisor: R. Mannell) The Role of Leisure in Coping with the Death of a Spouse among Women Participating in Bereavement Support Groups
  • Mulcahy, Caitlin (2007) (Supervisor: D. Parry) Risky performances: A feminist, dramaturgical exploration of the female diarist as resistant
  • Murphy, James (2007) (Supervisor: S. Smith) An Explanatory Analysis of the Issues in Accessing Local Food Products among Relais & Chateaux Chefs
  • Rae, Kimberley (2007) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Management Of  A River Recreation Resource: Understanding The Inputs To Management Of Outdoor Recreational Resources
  • Sun, Hong (2007) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Destination and Event Marketing: A Case Study in the 2007 C&C Xiamen International Marathon, Xiamen, China
  • Tamburro, Anne-Marie (2007) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) raising Healthy Females; Parental Perceptions Of Roles And Responsibilities
  • Wilson-Forrest, Kathleen (2007) (Supervisor: S. Shaw)  ‘ Never  Really Free’ :  Anaphylaxis and the Family Leisure Experience
  • Zou, Pengbo (2007) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Image versus Position: Canada as a Potential Destination for Mainland Chinese

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  • Fortune, Darla (2006) (Co-Supervisors: R. Mannell, A. Pedlar) An Examination of Quality of Work Life and Quality of Care Within a Health Care Setting
  • Lyman, Joseph (2006) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Attitudes of 18-25 year old male university students towards female television reporters working in male-dominated sports
  • Marquez, Janet (2006) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) An Analysis of Cruise Ship Management Policies in Parks and Protected Areas in the Eastern Canadian Arctic
  • Naylor, Mike (2006) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Exploration of Situational Involvement Among Hockey Enthusiasts
  • Rotteau, Leahora (2006) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) Documentation of Recreation Therapy and Leisure Opportunities in Long Term Care

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  • Corbin, Sandra (2005) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) The Art of Getting Things Done: Access to and Mobilization of Social Resources by Women Volunteers
  • Kwan, Pia (2005) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Ecolodge Patrons’  Perceptions of Services and Facilities
  • Morgan, Beth (2005) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Factors Affecting the Physical Activity of Adolescents
  • Quinlan, Sarah (2005) (Supervisors: M. Havitz and J. Cukier) 'Never short of a smile': A Content Analysis of Travel Guidebooks
  • Spiers, Andrew (2005) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Cross-Cultural Correspondence of the International Tourist Role Scale: Testing its Semantic Equivalence in the French Language
  • Trussell, Dawn (2005) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Family leisure in the rural context: Women’s experiences of life on the family farm

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  • Chen, Sherry (Xiaoye) (2004) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Understanding the Canadian Spa Tourists: A Marketing Segmentation Study
  • Coulson-Gyuran, Sherry (2004) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) Learning as Life: An Exploration of the Meaning of Learning Activities for Older Adults
  • Gillies, Jennifer (2004) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) University Graduates with a Disability: The Transition from University to the Community at Large
  • Hebblethwaite, Shannon (2004) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) Community Integration for Older Adults with Mental Health Issues
  • Kwan, Pia (2004) (Supervisor: P. Eagles)  Ecolodge Patrons’  Perceptions of Services and Facilities
  • Luh, Jessica (2004) (Supervisor: S. Dupuis) How Leisure Contributes to Quality of Life: The Perspectives of Chinese Canadian Older Adults Residing in Long-Term Care
  • Xiao, Honggen (2004) (Supervisor: S. Smith) The Evolution of Tourism Knowledge: Content Analysis of Annals of Tourism Research
  • Yin, Weinan (2004) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Tourism Management Goals for Wolong and Wanglang Giant Panda Nature Reserves, China

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  • Bernier, Yvonne (2003) (Supervisor: R. McCarville) Service Guarantees & Cheating Behaviour in a Selected Leisure Service. The Influence of Personal & Setting Variables
  • Buzinde, Christine (2003) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Tourism Advertising: A Content Analysis of Gender, Ethnicity and Older Adults
  • Clark, David (2003) (Supervisor: B. Smale) A Multi-Year Spatial Analysis of Domestic Tourism in Ontario, Canada
  • Ignatov, Elena (2003) (Supervisor: S. Smith) The Canadian Culinary Tourists: How Well Do We Know Them?
  • Leveille, Tova (2003) (Supervisor: R. Mannell) Empirical Examination of the Leisure Experience: The Motivation, Constraints and Negotiation Strategies of Competitive-Recreational Indoor Volleyball Players
  • McLaren, Jeff (2003) (Supervisor: B. Smale) A Spatial Analysis of the Equitable Provision of Park Opportunity in the City of Toronto
  • Munro, Jennifer (2003) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Motivations and Enduring Involvement of Leisure Program Volunteers: A study of the Waterloo Region Track 3 Ski School
  • Wenger, Lisa (2003) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Health Understanding in the Old Order Mennonite and Amish Community
  • Wiersma, Elaine (2003) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) Impacts of Setting on the Experiences of Individuals with Dementia
  • Yuen, Felice (2003) (Co-Supervisors: A. Pedlar, R. Mannell) Connecting Community: Building Community and Social Capital with Children Through Leisure

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  • Carabineanu, Anda (2002) (Supervisor: S. Smith) Understanding the Composition of the Performing Arts Audiences in Canada
  • Culverson, Dawn (2002) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Exploring Organizational Commitment Following Radical Change: A Case Study Within the Parks Canada Agency
  • Ferries, Leeann (2002) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Body Image, Self-esteem and Leisure Behaviour in Adolescents: Risk and Protective Factors for Eating Disorders
  • Girard, Grace M (2002) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Leisure as a vehicle for cultural maintenance on an urban First Nations reservation
  • Range, Bernhard (Bernie) H. (2002) (Supervisor: B. Smale) Voluntary simplicity as a value orientation in the lifestyle, leisure and well-being relationship
  • Williamson, Stephanie (2002) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) An Exploration of the Therapeutic Recreation Experiences of Men Living with HIV and an Addiction to Drugs

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  • Bourne, Christopher (2001) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) Adapting to a Physically Active Leisure Lifestyle: Experiences of Adults with a Spinal Cord Injury
  • Bowman, Margaret (2001) (Supervisor: P. Eagles) Economic Benefits of Nature Tourism: Algonquin Park as a Case Analysis
  • Loucks-Atkinson, Angela (2001) (Supervisor: R. Mannell) Theoretical and Empirical Exploration of Constraints Negotiation: The Case for Individuals with Fibromyalgia
  • Mason, Leslie (2001) (Supervisor: S. Shaw) Investigating the Experiences of Women in Commercial Fitness Clubs: Understanding Body Image
  • Weighill, Agnes (2001) (Supervisor: A. Pedlar) Exploring the Meaning of Leisure and Community to Women Participating in the 2000 Habit at for Humanity Womens' Only Building

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  • Bee, Colleen (2000) (Supervisor: M. Havitz) Relationships Among Fan Attraction, Activity Involvement, Psychological Commitment and Behavioural Loyalty in a Professional Sport Context
  • Cantwell, Anne-Marie (2000) (Supervisor: Alison Pedlar) Patient Focussed Care in Recreation Therapy: Being with the Person
  • Herridge, Kristi (2000) (Co-supervisors: R. Mannell, S. Shaw) Accommodation and Resistance: Women’s Negotiation of LeisurConflicts Within Romantic Relationships
  • Langlois, Stephanie (2000) (Supervisor: J. Zuzanek) Relationships Between Chronic Stress, Participation in Leisure, Leisure Outcomes and Mental Health: An Empirical Study of Nurses
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