Victoria Atabakhsh.

Victoria Atabakhsh

PhD student, Aging, Health and Well-being

Victoria's research focuses on the care partnership between adult daughters and their older adult parents. She is interested in exploring intergenerational cohabitation and the way that it influences daily life, relationships and leisure.

Dawn Carr

Dawn Carr

Executive Director, Canadian Parks Council

Dawn Carr works with the Canadian Parks Council to protect, enhance and promote the multitude of Canada's national parks. As their Executive Director, she oversees the projects that are dedicated to showcasing the beautiful landscapes that our environment has to offer and even brings her office to work remotely in Georgian Bay during the warmer seasons. Dawn completed both her undergraduate degree and MA in Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo, which is where she first discovered her passion for parks and protected areas. Her education has helped to catapult her career in the field and influence change for conservation on both a national and international scale. 

Dylan Flannery

Dylan Flannery

Supervisor of Operations, Central Park

Working for the City of Waterloo's Parks and Trails division as an undergrad inspired Dylan Flannery to apply to the MA Recreation and Leisure Studies program at the University of Waterloo. Within months of graduating, he landed an amazing position as Supervisor of Operations at New York City's world famous Central Park. He picked up and moved to a city he had never even visited, and has never looked back.

Andrea Gardi

Andrea Gardi

Director of Projects and Operations, Regional Tourism Organization 4 Inc

A​ndrea Gardi is working in her dream job as the Director of Projects and Operations at Regional Tourism Organization 4 Inc. Part of her role is to expand tourism in the local areas of Waterloo, Stratford, and many other towns and cities through coordinating digital/physical hygiene projects that improve visitor experience. As a world leading institution in recreation and leisure, Andrea knew that coming to the University of Waterloo to pursue a Master's degree would be the best way for her to prepare for a successful career in tourism. 

Joseph Todd.

Joseph Todd

PhD student

Joe's PhD research examines the capacity of online gaming to create community and friendships that can transcend the online space.