If you're thinking about declaring a major, the best way to get to know different subject areas is by taking courses!

Who is this page useful for?

  • Current students in Liberal Studies who want to declare a major
  • New, upper-year transfer students

Required Courses

  • All incoming transfer students must take two Arts First courses to help build foundational competencies in communication and analysis during your first year at university, with a focus on practice-based learning. Class size is limited to 25 students.
    • ARTS 130 - Inquiry and Communication
    • ARTS 140 - Information and Analysis
  • We offer numerous topic courses each term, based upon four themes. You will add one of ARTS 130 or 140 (can be taken in either order, but not simultaneously) in each term of first year after your Fall term schedule is posted. Enrolment in ARTS 130 and 140 starts on Thursday, July 30 at 9 am.