November 2017

Tips for stretching your food budget


Eating well on a budget might seem like an impossible goal while you are at university when you have other expenses like tuition, rent, and utilities. With a little planning and savvy shopping, you can cut down on grocery costs while still including healthy choices. Use these tips to make your food money go farther:

Wellness podcast and app recommendations: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and Happify

headphones and smartphone

Podcasts and apps can be an excellent complement to your self-care routine. The Campus Wellness blog will be posting recommendations for podcasts and apps that might help you find motivation or cope with stress. These recommendations are made for educational purposes only.

How to incorporate meditation into your life

stack of rocks

Taking some time in your day to do some quiet reflection and deep breathing can be a really beneficial way to lower your stress levels. Meditation and mindfulness exercises are two ways you can help your body relax by focusing your thoughts and slowing your breathing. You might be wondering if you have time to build these kinds of exercises into your already busy schedule, but the good news is that even a small amount of focused mindfulness can help relax your mind and body.

Common questions about our Coping Skills seminars

rainbow pencil crayons

Counselling Services offers four 1-hour Coping Skills seminars all term long. Most every week of term you can find at least one seminar to take. But you might be wondering what a Coping Skills seminar actually is and whether or not taking one is right for you. Our Coping Skills seminars were developed to help you gain insight into your patterns of thinking, feeling, and self-care that can contribute to your overall mood and outlook.

Why should I take a Coping Skills seminar?

By taking the Coping Skills seminars you will cover many of the questions and themes you would cover in your first one or two individual counselling sessions. If you attend a Coping Skills seminar while you are on our waitlist for individual counselling, you might be able to better identify your counselling goals before you are matched with your counsellor for your first appointment.

Using proper hand washing to avoid winter colds and flus

person washing hands

With cold and flu season approaching quickly you might be wondering how to prevent yourself from losing time to sickness this winter. One thing you can do is get your flu shot. Health Services is hosting a Community Flu clinic this week in the SLC where you can get your flu shot to protect yourself from the strains of flu that are predicted to be most virulent this year. Aside from that, practising proper and frequent hand washing can help you to avoid picking up the latest cold and flu. So what does it mean to practice proper hand washing?

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