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CTE's main office will be closed on Thursday, April 26 for our annual Teaching and Learning Conference

The elevator in Environment 1 (EV1) is shut down for maintenance from April 23 to May 25, 2018. During this time, the only way to access CTE’s offices on the third floor of EV1 is by the stairs. We are happy to arrange an alternative meeting place for CTE meetings if requested. For directions to our workshop spaces (EV1 241 and 242) via the elevator in EV3, please visit our Location page. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Seed Grant Guidelines


LITE Seed Grants can help you investigate small-scale teaching and learning research projects and attend activities to develop your instructional skills. Read the guidelines below to learn about project ideas, eligibility criteria for applicants and expenses, the application and adjudication process, and useful resources.

LITE Seed Grant proposals may focus on:  

  • assessing new approaches to teaching and learning (what is possible and does it work?) 
  • critically examining student learning with existing instructional approaches (what is happening and what could be improved?)
  • pursuing instructional development opportunities (how could I teach differently to better facilitate deep student learning?).

Amount: Up to $5,000 

Application Deadline: (2 annually): February 1st and June 1st

We are here to help 

Crystal Tse, Instructional Developer, Research and Consulting, and Kristin Brown, Educational Research Associate, are happy to discuss your LITE Grant project ideas, review draft applications, and support you throughout the application process.

LITE Seed Grant guidelines

Important note: There have been a few changes to the LITE Grant application process. Please carefully review the guidelines below and contact Crystal Tse or Kristin Brown if you have any questions.

For a PDF version of the guidelines below, please see LITE Seed Grant Guidelines (PDF).

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