Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Seed Grant Guidelines

LITE Seed Grants can help you investigate small-scale teaching and learning research projects and attend activities to develop your instructional skills. Read the guidelines below to learn about project ideas, eligibility criteria for applicants and expenses, the application and adjudication process, and useful resources.

LITE Seed Grant proposals may focus on:  

  • assessing new approaches to teaching and learning (what is possible and does it work?) 
  • critically examining student learning with existing instructional approaches (what is happening and what could be improved?)
  • pursuing instructional development opportunities (how could I teach differently to better facilitate deep student learning?).

Amount: Up to $7,500 

Application Deadline: (3 annually): February 1st, June 1st, and October 1st

Consultation deadline: One week prior to application deadline

We are here to help 

Annik Bilodeau, Educational Developer, Research and Consulting and Brianna Bennett, Educational Research Associate, are happy to discuss your LITE Grant project ideas, review draft applications, and support you throughout the application process.

Reminder: In order for your application to be considered, applicants are required to meet with Annik Bilodeau and/or Brianna Bennett within the first three weeks of the term. This meeting must occur, at the latest, one week prior to the submission deadline. At this meeting, we will discuss your project proposal and research plan, and suggest ways to enhance the quality and clarity of the application.

LITE Seed grant guidelines

For a PDF version of the guidelines below, please see LITE Seed Grant Guidelines (PDF) .

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