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Employer info sessions

Employer holding an infomration session

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Employer information sessions are open to all Waterloo students. Some sessions are open to:

  • both graduating and co-op students,
  • while others are specific to graduating students only.

Upcoming info. sessions

  • Please view the upcoming employer information sessions.
  • On the events page, you will find the employer information sessions that are being held, along with other types of events.
  • If applicable, RSVP to attend a specific employer information session, by clicking on the session you want to attend under the calendar and clicking on the RSVP link under that session.
  • Changes in the schedule may occur, so please check back on the day of the event for the most current information.

Purpose of info. sessions

  • Employers use information sessions to promote their organization to you.
  • Most employer information sessions target students from specific programs, but usually you don’t have to apply for a job with the employer to be able to attend their information session.
  • Wear business attire to the sessions, unless told otherwise.

Usually employer information sessions occur prior to their job postings to give you an opportunity to apply to their job(s).

Other sessions take place after their postings have taken place.

If you attend a session where the job postings have already occurred and you become interested in a potential co-op work term, you will need to wait for another opportunity to apply

(e.g., in a later interview cycle should the employer not have filled their job(s) in the first cycle, or another term when you take part in the interview process).