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Ranking & Matching

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First interview cycle job ranking consultation

Should you wish to discuss a job or an employer anytime before, during, or after the interview period, be sure to consult with the appropriate student advisor using phone or e-mail.

To identify the student advisor for a position, look in JobMine under "Rankings." Be sure to include your student id number as well as a telephone number where you can be reached in any phone or e-mail correspondence with student advisors.

How to rank employers

You can rank an interviewed job in JobMine under rankings on the ranking open date. Don’t attempt to rank prior to this date.

Check JobMine or the important dates calendar for ranking deadlines.

Your ranking page will have one of the following listed beside each employer’s job ID in the Rankings page of JobMine:

  • Offer (you can have this job, if you rank it as a “1”)
  • Ranked (employer has ranked you, but not with “offer”)
  • Not ranked (the employer has not ranked you; you may not assign a rank to this job)

Ranking values

You must rank all jobs for which you received an offer or ranking. If you don't rank a job, JobMine will apply a rank of “9.”

Possible scenarios to consider:

  • You have been ranked, but don’t have any offers:
    • for the highest probability of being employed, rank all jobs with a “1”
  • You have one or more job offers:
    • to secure employment with your preferred job, rank only that offer with a “1”
  • You have a combination of job offers and ranks:
    • to secure employment, rank one of your offers “1”
  • for a higher probability of being matched with your preferred job when it’s not an offer, rank it “1”, and then rank all other jobs with numbers that indicate your preferences (this strategy may not result in a job match)

Submitting a ranking of "9" for any job does not prevent you from being matched with that job


  • Employer and student ranking numbers are summed for each job. Any jobs you leave blank are automatically assigned a value of “9.”
  • A random number is assigned to each job ranking combination.
  • The algorithm looks for the lowest sum (“1” + “1” = 2), with the lowest random number. If both you and the job are still available, you’re then assigned to that job and the number of available openings for that job is reduced by one.
  • The matching algorithm then continues to look for the next lowest sum with the lowest random number, and so on, until all potential matches take place.

Missing employer rankings

  • If you had an interview for a job and it doesn’t appear in your rankings section in JobMine after the ranking open date, then the employer hasn’t submitted their rankings.
  • Check JobMine again before the ranking close date and time to see if the rankings were submitted later.
  • If the employer does not submit rankings in time for the match, the employer could activate those rankings in the next or a later interview cycle.
  • To find out if an employer has submitted their rankings, check your applications section on JobMine and look at the job status for the employer.
    • If the job status states ranking completed, the employer has submitted their rankings and they’ll be active during the next ranking cycle.

If the employer you ranked 1 cancels the job

Occasionally, employers cancel positions after you’ve submitted your rankings.

One of the jobs cancelled might be your first choice. If this happens to you, and you have no other first choice rankings, Co-operative Education will contact you by email. If you can’t be reached in time, the match will proceed as is.

Statistics from past terms show that 90 per cent of students and employers matched receive their first or second choices.

If your job is cancelled after you’re matched with an employer, contact Co-operative Education immediately. We’ll make every effort to find another job for you.


Matching system

Obligation to accept job if matched

You’re obligated to accept the job you’re matched with through JobMine. Refusal to accept the job normally results in the removal of your access to JobMine for the current and upcoming recruitment terms.

How to check if you’ve been matched

Option 1: View Match Details in JobMine

  1. JobMine will be updated as of 11:00 a.m. (4:00 p.m. for the first interview cycle match) on the match results dates shown on the important dates calendar.
  2. If you’re matched with a job, you’ll receive an email on the same day as the match from Co-operative Education about job-specific employment information.
  3. Contact your employer immediately to confirm your employment arrangements. Review the guidelines of what to do after a job match.

Option 2: View Term Card on JobMine

  1. Check JobMine under term card.
  2. You have been matched if click for employment details appears.
  3. The next time you look at your term card, this line will be replaced by the name of your employer. If your status shows as UI – Unemployed – Interview Process, you weren’t matched with a job.

​​​​​First interview cycle: Procedures for matched students

Once you’ve been matched with a job, review what to do after a job match and preparing for work.

Matched? Confirm job with employer immediately

If you’re matched with a job in the first interview cycle, look up the employer information in your term card on JobMine and contact your employer for confirmation.

Employment information meetings with your student advisor

If you receive a first interview cycle job match and you’d like to talk with your student advisor about your future employer or work location, please contact them directly.

Once you're hired, your new student advisor will be added to your JobMine profile as your "CECA contact." You will hear back from your advisor by the end of the business day after you contact them.

If you’re an architecture student, you’ll be able to view employment information meeting schedules on your match-results day on the Cambridge campus bulletin boards only.

Direct job offer from employer

After an interview arranged through Co-operative Education, an employer might offer you the job directly. If this happens, please inform your  student advisor immediately (or a career advisor if you’ve not yet had a work term).

All job offers and matches must be made through Co-operative Education and processed via JobMine. This is done so employers compete for students equally and to ensure fairness for both employers and other students.

Scheduled interviews following a job match

Once a job match is shown on JobMine, don’t attend any additional employer interviews that have been scheduled for you, including those on the same day as your job match.

Where possible, alternate candidates will be contacted to take your place. In any event, Co-operative Education staff will inform interviewers that you’re no longer available.

Not matched? Continue with job search

If you’re without a job after the first interview cycle ends, continue applying to jobs and attending employer interviews.

Daily job positing will continue. See the important dates calendar for positing dates. Also, review the steps to get hired.

Continuous interview cycles: Procedures for matched students

Once you’ve been matched with a job, review what to do after a job match and what to do to prepare for work.

After a match:

Matched? Confirm job with employer immediately

If you’re matched with a job in a continuous interview cycle, look up the employment information in your term card on JobMine, to contact your employer for confirmation.

Timing of rankings and job matches (unless otherwise noted)

  • Employer rankings open in JobMine on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 8:00 p.m.
  • Student rankings close in JobMine on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 a.m.
  • Job matches take place on Wednesdays and Fridays after 11:00 a.m.
  • Follow the same ranking procedures as in the first interview cycle.

Direct job offer from employer

Following an interview arranged through Co-operative Education, an employer may offer you a job directly. Even though you may want to accept this position, the offer must be made through Co-operative education.

Should you be offered a job directly, ask the employer to contact Co-operative Education immediately.

Interviews after a job match

Once matched with a job, don’t attend any additional interviews. Co-operative Education will inform interviewers that you’re no longer available. Where possible, arrangements will be made for alternate candidates to take your place.

No job at start of work term?

If you’re without a co-op job by the time your work term has been scheduled to begin, you will be contacted by Co-operative Education regarding your employment status. Please ensure your contact information is up-to-date in WatIAM and Quest.

Note: The following section does not apply to Pharmacy students

  • Continue to watch JobMine for any postings, notices, or advice. Job postings will continue until there are no longer 12 weeks available in your scheduled work term. You’ll be contacted by Co-operative Education if any job openings develop through Co-operative Education.
  • Ensure you are prepared to take phone calls and receive voice mail messages directly from employers. Note that interviews at this stage will likely take place off-campus.

Start looking for a job on your own:

  • Explore the Centre for Career Action website. Under ‘Resources’ à ‘Career-related websites’ you will find links to job listings and other employment-related websites.
  • In JobMine and elsewhere, look for part-time job opportunities. Sometimes students are able to convert part-time work into a full-time job opportunity that could potentially be approved for work term credit.
  • Read the Work search module of the Career Development eManual. In this module (located in ‘Marketing yourself’) you will find comprehensive information and guidance on key job search strategies, including:
    • the how-to’s of the #1 job search tool: networking (with family, friends, and beyond)
    • developing an overall plan of action
    • crafting and presenting an effective self-introduction
    • researching and contacting hiring managers
    • how to uncover job openings via business expansion announcements and news
  • Register with your local Department of Employment and Social Development Canada office for general employment opportunities.
  • Book a Work Search appointment with a career advisor in the Centre for Career Action to ensure you are exploring all your options.
  • If you have any questions concerning leads or potential opportunities, contact your newly-assigned (by then) student advisor.