Travel advisory

Travel advisories issued by Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

The country of your international work term may be issued a travel advisory by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Depending on the travel advisory risk level assigned, work terms may not be approved for credit.

The guidelines outlined below apply to all students, regardless of citizenship.

Advisory risk levels

As of October 2012, GAC’s four risk levels are:

  • Exercise normal security precautions.
  • Exercise a high degree of caution.
  • Avoid non-essential travel.
  • Avoid all travel.

Please consult the GAC website for more information about travel abroad, including travel reports and warnings.

Travel Warnings and Work Term Approvals / Co-op Credit

Prior to your departure, in addition to other pre-departure responsibilities, you MUST:

  • Check the GAC website for travel reports applicable to your work term location on a regular basis, by viewing travel reports. Please note that in some cases you will also have to check regional warnings. or
  • If GAC assigns your work term location (either country or region) "Avoid non-essential travel" or "Avoid all travel" travel warning prior to the commencement of your work term, the university will not approve your work term for co-op credit. In addition, in areas where risk is high (including, but not limited to, regions at “Exercise normal security precautions” or “Exercise a high degree of caution” advisory in countries in which the entire country is at an advisory level of “Avoid non-essential travel” or “Avoid all travel”), granting the student permission to travel there for work term credit will be at the discretion of the Executive Director, Co-operative Education & Career Action (or designate).
  • This applies to all students, not just Canadian citizens.
  • Contact your co-op student advisor as soon as possible to discuss alternative work term arrangements.

Changes and updates to travel advisories

  • GAC reassesses travel advisories and the level of danger to travelers on ongoing basis. Once on your work term location, check the GAC website for travel reports applicable to your work term location on a regular basis (applies to all students, not just Canadian citizens).
  • If the GAC Travel Advisory has changed to "Avoid non-essential travel" or "Avoid all travel" for your region, please contact the consulate with which you are registered and your co-op Student Advisor as soon as possible.
  • If GAC recommends that Canadians leave immediately, this decision will be respected by UWaterloo and you must comply (applies to all students, not just Canadian citizens).
  • If a travel warning is removed entirely for a country or lowered to "Exercise normal security precautions" or "Exercise a high degree of caution", Co-operative Education will consider requests for approval of work terms in that location only for subsequent work terms.

Canadian Consulate Registry

On arrival in your work term location, register with the consulate of the country that issued your passport.

If you have a Canadian passport, register with the Canadian Consulate Office. This enables the consular officials to contact you:

  • In the case of an emergency in the foreign country of your international work term (natural disaster, or civil unrest), or
  • In the case of a family emergency at home.