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Co-op helps you...

  • Apply knowledge gained in the classroom

  • Develop a professional résumé with a solid work history

  • Improve interview skills and promote yourself to employers

  • Gain up to two years of relevant work experience

  • Earn money to help pay tuition

  • Identify your ideal working style and the type of job you want after graduating

  • Improve organization and time management skills

  • Get hands-on experience in your field of study

  • Network with employers

89%of Waterloo co-op grads are employed 6 months after graduationcompared to 88% of Ontario graduates

Ontario University Graduate Survey of 2014 graduates

​You can arrange your own job

You can arrange your own jobs for your work terms, as long as the job is suitable for co-op credit and receives approval.

You're required to verify that your own job search process doesn't conflict with the process organized by Co-operative Education. 

  • If you plan to arrange your own job you must consult with your student advisor, (or a career advisor if you’re arranging your first work term).

How other co-op students benefit from co-op...

"Co-op has given me the opportunity to travel and work in different cities while learning valuable skills and gaining job experience."

​- Kent Marten

"Co-op will not only give me an edge against graduates from other institutions, but being in the co-op process helps to improve my résumé and interview skills on a continual basis."

- Megan Gray

"I think co-op is great for those who aren't sure exactly what they want to do with their degree. It gives you 5-6 great opportunities to try working in different fields. You get to live in new cities and learn new ways of life. It opens other opportunities through making business contacts. You can improve your résumé, interview skills, and get a feel for a real life job market." 

- Beth Nordem

"I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my computer science education, and I knew co-op could give me some hands-on experience in the IT field. So far, co-op has helped me to pinpoint the type of job I want after graduation by helping me discover what my working style is and what I enjoy doing the most."

- Pam Tatroff

"Co-op has allowed me to explore a variety of career interests and has helped me to choose the path and future most suited to my ambitions."

- Terri-Lynn Oliver

"The co-op system at Waterloo is a fantastic forum for a person to come one step closer to finding their dream job! The magnitude of employers that come through Waterloo offering jobs allows for tremendous choice in searching for that one job that you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life. No other school's co-operative education program comes close to Waterloo's - we're lucky."

- Brian Mangan

"Co-op gave me the opportunity to apply everything I learned in class, gave me the motivation to keep plugging my way through school, and helped me to see just how my education will be used."

- Ginette Taylor