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Found international job in WaterlooWorks

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After you have accepted international employment through WaterlooWorks, there are a number of steps that you have to take in order to be eligible for receiving credit for your international work term. 

1. Ensure that your passport is valid

  • Each person requires a valid passport to leave Canada. A valid passport, in almost all cases, means your passport is good for at least six months upon your return to Canada.
  • For Canadians going on a USA work term, your passport needs to be valid for 30 days after your return to Canada

2. Navigate to your work-term record in WaterlooWorks to find your employer's contact information and confirm the following

  • The start and end dates of your work term at your company.
  • If you are expected to be working at alternate locations during your work term. 
  • The salary being offered.
  • Clarify information regarding relocation costs such as legal authorization (visa, permits) fees, flights/travel costs, and accommodation. Determine who will pay for these and who will arrange these.

3. Obtain legal authorization to undertake the activities for which you are going abroad

  • You will need legal authorization (visas, permits) to work in a country other than Canada unless you have a passport to that country.
  • If you were matched with an employer in the USA, you will automatically receive an email to start the visa process, usually within 48 hours of the match.
  • If you found your work term opportunity outside of North America, please continue to obtain the legal authorization.
  • If there is any paperwork your employer would like to get signed by the university / co-op, please contact the International Employment Specialist at for international (non-USA) jobs, and for USA jobs.

4. Health insurance coverage

  • You must have health insurance coverage for the entire time you're working internationally. This is an expense the student usually pays for, not the employer.
  • If you're not sure, please confirm this by calling toll-free 1-866-369-8794, or by stopping at Waterloo's FEDS/GSA Health and Dental Plan office on-campus.
  • If you are going on an international (non-USA) unpaid work term (no monetary salary) and the work term is not in your home country (country of citizenship) you can choose to opt in for additional workplace insurance. This is not in lieu of the mandatory health insurance ("out-of-Canada" coverage under the FEDS/GSA Health and Dental Plan of the University of Waterloo or an equivalent plan) you must have before travelling abroad. You are responsible for getting all forms correctly filled and delivered to co-op (University Relations Administrator, within the first week of your work term. Please contact them directly if you have any questions specifically about this coverage. Coverage will be activated only after the forms have been correctly completed and processed. Click here for more information.

5. Risk Management Form

  • It's mandatory that you submit and complete the Risk Management Form from within WaterlooWorks, using the 'Submit a Form' button on your dashboard
  • This must be submitted before you leave Canada.

6. Mandatory Pre-departure training

  • Regardless if you have done a previous work term abroad or not, you MUST complete the online pre-departure training in LEARN. This is mandatory for all Waterloo students. Instructions will be sent to you once the course is open.

7. Arrival Notice

  • On reaching your destination, you must complete the 'Work-term details' and 'My contact and travel info' sections of your work-term record in WaterlooWorks

8. Your Safety

  • The University of Waterloo continues to be concerned with your health and safety while you are traveling to an international location  participating in your work term abroad. The university has engaged the services of InternationalSOS for risk management and emergency response support. You can review the services offered. At this point, this is an ‘opt-in’, and does not replace any process or deliverable expected by CEE for your work term. If you choose to opt-in, please register your travel using the site: MyTrips.