Typical duties

  • Being properly prepared to assist students and instructors
  • Attending one set of lectures per week
  • Attending and participating in weekly feedback and planning meetings which normally include the instructors
  • Assisting students, in person, by e-mail, or Microsoft¬†Teams
  • Conducting tutorials and/or lecturettes
  • Marking assignments, midterms and final exams
  • Proctoring midterms and final exams
  • Developing model solutions, marking schemes, and self-help exercises
  • Maintaining course web page and newsgroup/Piazza
  • Co-ordinating TAs by gathering assignments, distributing them to the TAs with marking schemes, and ensuring the timely return of all marked assignments


Average 35 hours/week for 17 weeks. Note that the work period extends beyond lecture and exam periods. The following is the hours distribution for a typical week (For distance education courses, hours may be distributed differently).

  • Student interaction in lab* (4-12)
  • Weekly meetings (1-2)
  • Consulting hours (3-6)
  • Lectures (2-3)
  • Marking and co-ordination (6-8)
  • Preparation (3)
  • Miscellaneous (2)
  • Tutorials(3)
  • Electronic communication (e.g. Newsgroup, Piazza, email, MS Teams etc.)(5-10)

*Courses without scheduled labs will have additional consulting hours