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Co-op and the U.S. immigration reform

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Peggy JarvieNOTE: The information below was last updated on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

A message from Peggy Jarvie, Associate Provost, Co-operative & Experiential Education

On January 27, the U.S. President issued an Executive Order (EO) that temporarily blocks citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States. On February 4, the order was temporarily suspended, and all U.S. points of entry are currently prohibited from enforcing these portions of the EO. Despite this suspension, U.S. authorities are seeking to reinstate the travel ban and the situation may change at any time.

Many of our students have work terms outside of Canada, including the U.S. This EO may have an impact on some of our co-op students, and we are seeking answers for those who find themselves faced with uncertainty. This is an unsettling time for many people and we feel much empathy for co-op students affected or concerned about future opportunities.

The University has issued a statement that outlines the steps we are taking to understand more completely the impact for our community. As this situation continues to evolve and we seek greater clarity, we will keep our students and industry partners updated.

Given that the EO might evolve, please review it directly, and see how it applies to you. Immigration status is an individual’s responsibility and CECA staff cannot advise on eligibility nor can we guarantee any outcomes. Seek independent legal immigration advice from a qualified U.S. immigration lawyer if you have any questions regarding eligibility and outcome. For specific inquiries about co-op work terms in the U.S. please reach out to the International Employment Specialist – USA on our international co-op team.


Peggy Jarvie
Associate Provost, Co-operative & Experiential Education
University of Waterloo

NOTE: As of February 4, 2017, the travel ban referenced in this article has been temporarily suspended. Despite this suspension, U.S. authorities are seeking to reinstate the travel ban and the situation may change at any time. We do encourage the travel precautions referenced below.

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