Growing a business with first work-term co-op students

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

When Nadesh Shanmuganathan launched his Mississauga-based software company in 2001 to develop a platform for loan management for the insurance industry, he turned to the Waterloo co-op program. He hired two first work-term students to transform his objectives into a concrete solution to help clients manage their loan portfolios.

“David and Tom will always be remembered and acknowledged by the principals as instrumental to the launch of Third Eye Solutions,” Shanmuganathan says of his first two co-op students. “These were two young students who were dedicated, loyal and shared the vision of creating something that will benefit many. Both of them had creativity and excellent work ethic.”

Sixteen years later, Third Eye Solutions has grown to be the largest exporter of insurance premium financing software to the United States. Shanmuganathan’s commitment to hiring first work-term co-op students has continued since then.

“First work term co-op students are eager to learn and embrace the opportunities provided to them. Their inexperience is shadowed by their drive and eagerness to excel,” he says. “I find they are more open to take on learning a new subject matter with passion and retain what they learn during rest of their career. It's a rewarding experience to see a student with zero experience leave at the end of the term with confidence and gratitude for the opportunity provided.”

Third Eye Solutions takes pride in having been able to act as a career launching pad for its co-ops. Many have gone on to work for well-known Silicon Valley companies and one student has even gone on to become a leading computer scientist in quantum computing.

Visit Third Eye Solutions’ website for more information about the company.