studentslookingatamapLiving in a different place for your work term can be exciting, but finding a place to live can be a bit daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Though we're unable to arrange housing for our co-op students, once matched with a job you'll be assigned to a co-op advisor who has knowledge of the specific geographic area you'll be working in. Connect with your co-op advisor via WaterlooWorks to get started on your search! 

Beyond connecting with your advisor, check out UWaterloo's housing resources for co-op students below! 

Other resources

Contacts and networks
  • Your co-op advisor, who might have knowledge of the specific area
  • Facebook groups (e.g., WUSA Co-op Connection groups by location) where you can connect with other students travelling to a specific city for their work term
  • Search local universities and colleges to see if they offer housing advice or networks for the city you'll be working in
Housing resources