Sustainability and Financial Management courses

Throughout your degree, you'll take an integrated approach to learn about financial management. This degree goes beyond understanding finances to understanding and considering how financial decisions impact the people and environments around us. You'll learn to make financial decisions that will lead to a better tomorrow.

First-year courses*

September to December

  • AFM 111 – Professional Pathways and Problem-Solving
  • AFM 112 – Analytic Methods for Business 1
  • AFM 191 – Foundations for Financial Reporting
  • SFM 101 – Introduction to Sustainability and Financial Management
  • ENVS 195 – Sustainability: The Future We Want

January to April

  • AFM 113 – Analytic Methods for Business 2
  • AFM 121 – Introduction to Global Financial Markets
  • AFM 182 – Foundations for Management Accounting
  • SFM 102 – Sustainability Economics
  • ENVS 131 – Communications for Environmental Professions

*This is a sample schedule. Courses may be subject to change depending on availability each term.

After first year

Most of the classes you’ll take will be Sustainability and Financial Management, Accounting and Financial Management, and Environment and Business courses.

Sample upper-year courses

  • AFM 205 – Introduction to Financial Services
  • ENBUS 202 – Environmental Management Systems
  • SFM 403 – Integrated Planning, Reporting, and Risk Management for Sustainability
  • ENBUS 410 – Engaging Stakeholders

Customize your degree

After the second year of your program, you'll also have the opportunity to select a specialization for your degree.

  • Corporate Sustainability. This specialization will prepare you to work in the financial departments of companies or to work as a part of a team establishing sustainable practices. Plus, this pathway will give you the skills to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and/or enable you to take the required courses to be admissible to the Master of Accountancy Program (MAcc)
  • Government Policy and Financial Markets. This pathway will prepare you to work within governance channels, either creating policy and regulations or leveraging financial market mechanisms to achieve sustainability objectives. You will also gain the required skills and knowledge to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. 
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship. This specialization will provide Indigenous students with foundational training in financial management and sustainability. Students will deep dive into business strategic development, enabling them to start their own business ventures or to contribute to the growth strategies of existing organizations.

Advisors are here to help

With so much flexibility, you might have a lot of questions. We're here to help! If you're applying for admission, email Kelly Millar in the School of Accounting and Finance.

Once you're a Waterloo student, you'll have access to academic advisors who can help you

  • choose your courses,
  • select specializations,
  • ensure that you're meeting the requirements for your degree, and more.

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