Co-op Student of the Year Award student nomination form

Criteria and scoring for the Waterloo award

Note: The criteria for the Waterloo Co-op Student of the Year Awards were updated in 2019 to align with the criteria of CEWIL Canada's Co-op Student of the Year Award.

  • Impact on employer (30 pts) includes:
    • Outstanding work achievemments above and beyond the job description (cost savings, process/quality improvements, design/development innovations, improved customer service, significant research or other initiatives, etc.)
    • Duties or opportunities that were assigned to you in addition to typical work responsibilities because you performed above your employer's expectations
    • Evaluations received from your employer should ideally include an outstanding for at least one work term in the award year and at least excellent in other work terms of the award year 
  • Impact on self (30 pts) includes:
    • Reasons why you participated in co-op and why you are happy you did
    • How co-operative education has enhanced your personal, academic, and career development
    • The impact your co-operative education experience has had on your understanding of your program of study
    • How co-operative education has improved your confidence as a developing professional and motivated you further
  • Impact on institution (30 pts) includes:
    • How you've helped promote co-operative education to peers or academic units
    • Examples of how you've helped other students succeed in co-op
    • Examples of how you've used workplace learning or professional connections to enrich learning back on campus 
  • Academic achievements - minimum 75 per cent overall average (10 pts)

Please note that all decisions made by the selection committee are considered final and may not be appealed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Brent Thornhill, one of our Co-op Student Experience Managers.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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Upload a 900 word statement explaining why you should win the Student of the Year Award based on how you performed above and beyond your employer's expectations and your job description. Format your statement so that each of the judging criteria (see above) is addressed under its own heading. Be sure to translate technical information into language that anyone can understand, as people without knowledge of your background may be reviewing the statement. They should be able to appreciate the meaning and significance of your accomplishments in order to make a fair assessment.
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Upload a one-page statement (maximum length of 500 words) from one or more of your 2019 co-op employers describing the outstanding contribution you made to the organization (i.e., saved a phenomenal amount of money, discovered a new process, etc.), how you performed above and beyond your employer's expectations and your job description or examples of your integrity in the workplace. Your employer's supporting statement can be submitted as part of the package of documents you are providing or, if your employer prefers, they can email it to the co-op student experience manager (email address shown above). If your employer is recommending you for this award, Co-operative Education needs only your name (student’s name) along with your employer’s supporting statement. Co-operative Education will contact you to ask for your résumé, records, and personal statement.
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As an applicant, you must inform your employer that you will be applying for Waterloo's Co-op Student of the Year award. You must also agree to allow Co-operative Education to use your name, profile, and photograph for publication and promotional purposes if you are selected as a winner or honourable mention for the awards.