Data released on the cost of WaterlooWorks

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Co-operative Education is committed to clarity and transparency around WaterlooWorks. We have recently received some student requests around costs associated with the system. Below is an overview of the expenses associated with WaterlooWorks.

The successful launch of WaterlooWorks included the creation of systems strategy, an RFP, vendor selection and implementation. Strategy work started in fall 2011 and implementation started in spring 2013. Out of pocket costs for this were:

  Approximate total costs in 000's
Hardware $236
Vendor costs $1,050
Contract resources $1,460
Legal $12
Miscellaneous  $46
Total: $2,804

Many other University employees in Co-operative Education, IST, Registrar’s office and Procurement Services have contributed as part of their ongoing roles. A second phase of the project will bring on additional functionality such as the career action workshops and appointments, employer information sessions and ongoing continuous improvement to WaterlooWorks.

Specific sources of funding

Two attempts have been made to replace the administrative systems. The first was an in-house development project. This was funded through co-op fees collected in previous years and cost approximately $3 million over three years. The most recent successful launch of WaterlooWorks, with costs outlined above, was funded through the Provost’s office. 

For all the latest news associated with WaterlooWorks, visit the WaterlooWorks news page.