International co-op: a work term on Wall Street

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

by Max McKee

Subways, city lights, and sky scrapers will welcome Zain Munir back to New York City this May as he starts his second work term in the Big Apple.

After wowing management at Hudson Insurance Group in his fall work term, the 3B Mathematics Business student returns to a new role this spring that combines aspects from his previous reporting job with additional responsibilities more tailored to his skillset.

The opportunity to gain work experience and travel at the same time is something Zain values highly.

“When you travel, you learn so much about culture and how the world is different,” said Zain. “Now is the time to pursue your goals. I’ve always thought that any opportunity to grow personally and professionally should be seized, and this is my greatest opportunity yet.”

Zain is no stranger to international work. Growing up in Dubai and completing his first co-op work term in Kuwait, co-op outside of Canada was an obvious choice.

“Toronto, LA, New York; where I went didn’t matter to me. My time in Kuwait and [in Waterloo] has made me adaptable to different work environments, and used to being away from home. It was easy for me to go wherever I felt the work best suited me.”

Co-op has given Zain a more thorough understanding of the insurance industry. Furthermore, it provided a window into the high-pressure, fast-paced life of Wall Street and the realities of working in what he deems to be “the most competitive place on the planet”- a place he thoroughly enjoys.   

We wish Zain the best this spring in his return to the concrete jungle!

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