Repeated courses and non-day school courses

Repeated courses

If you have repeated a course, we will use the highest grade when determining your admission average. However, admissions committees may consider repeated courses or courses completed outside of your regular high school when making admission decisions.

When you submit your online Admission Information Form (AIF), you'll be asked to explain why you repeated or completed courses outside your regular high school. We'll provide you with instructions about the AIF once you've applied to Waterloo.

Programs with specific policies

Courses other than day school

As long as you take courses at a school or institution that's accredited by your provincial Ministry of Education, we'll accept those courses regardless of how or where they are completed. The following are examples of courses we'll accept if they're provincially accredited.

  • Day school (high school)
  • Summer school
  • Night school
  • Correspondence/distance learning
  • Private school
  • E-learning
  • Virtual learning

You may be asked to list the courses you have taken or are taking outside of regular day school on your Admission Information Form.

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