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Questions? Get answers from current Engineering students

Engineering ambassadors wearing hard hats posing for a photo in front of the Waterloo Engineering sign

How do you go beyond brochures and websites to learn about university? Simple. Ask the people living the experience: current students!

Complete the form below, and we'll match you with one of our Faculty of Engineering ambassadors.

Suggested questions

  • What's your favourite thing about the program?
  • Why did you choose your program?
  • What are the profs like?
  • What's the workload?
  • What are classes like?
  • How can I get involved and meet people?
  • What have your co-op experiences been?
  • What's it like at Waterloo?

We'll try to connect you with a student in your program of interest. It may take several business days to respond (since students have classes, assignments, and tests on the go!).

Students can't answer questions about admissions or your likelihood of being accepted into your program of interest. These inquiries should be directed to our Admissions Team.

Our students will be writing exams and then away from campus until early January. The form is closed until the new year.

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