The Missing Manual

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The Missing Manual is everything you want to know about applying to university – and about thriving at Waterloo – that you won’t find in the brochures.


Researching scholarships and bursaries, finding part-time jobs, and making the most of your money.

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Tips for paying for university

Unsure how you're going to pay for school? Take a look at our tips for financing your education.


What does university cost?

Be prepared and learn more about all the expenses of an undergraduate degree.

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How to find and apply to scholarships

Interested in earning money to help pay for your tuition? Scholarships can be a great resource.

Student life

Everything outside the classroom — clubs and sports, the city of Waterloo, eating on campus, residence life, and more!

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Making friends in university

Worried about starting from scratch? Hear from current students about their best tips to make friends when you start university.

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Eating on campus 101

Get the inside scoop on all things food at Waterloo.

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Choosing your Waterloo residence

With so many residences to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. Let us help!


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Careers & co-op

Finding a career you'll love, pursuing further education, and thriving in Waterloo's co-op program.

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What to expect in co-op

To co-op or not to co-op? This is an important decision you'll have to make when choosing a program at Waterloo. Here's the inside scoop to help you decide if a co-op program is right for you!

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How to choose a career

Deciding on a career can be daunting, but we have plenty of experience guiding students through the process. Learn how to chose the right career for you.

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How to gain experience if you're not in co-op

You might have heard about co-op, but have you heard about the other opportunities to gain experience at Waterloo?


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Humans of Waterloo

Stories by and about the people of Waterloo — past and present.

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Defining success on her own terms

Learn from Jessica as she demonstrates how you get out of university what you put in on her personal journey to success.

student drawing mind map of Knowledge Integration on whiteboard

One degree, endless opportunities

What can you do with a degree in Knowledge Integration (KI) from the University of Waterloo, you ask? A better question is: what  can't you do?

Student in a lab

Biology students become award champignons with Indigenous—led mushroom business, MycoNutrients

Uncover the truth about the 'food of the gods' and learn about the innovative work of our very own biology students.





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