Many Waterloo graduates become lawyers and we can help you with your first step to becoming a lawyer: earning an undergraduate degree. 

Most law schools require at least three years of university studies before applying. Waterloo's 100+ undergraduate programs are excellent preparation for law school and graduates practise in many different areas of law.

Legal Studies

Waterloo's Legal Studies program provides an interdisciplinary understanding of law and the legal system. The program can be a great pathway to law school – and you'll gain important skills for careers in law, policy development, and research by taking classes in a variety of related areas. 

Learn about law from a variety of perspectives

  • English: learn about rhetoric and how it can help you make a case
  • Speech communication: improve your public speaking, interviewing, speech writing

So how do you select a pre-law program to take?

Selecting a pre-law program comes down to which undergraduate program you'll most enjoy. Choose something that excites you and in which you'll do well academically. Reviewing the admission requirements for Ontario's law schools will ensure that you properly prepare for applying to law school.   

We'll help you get there

Legal Studies Society

This student society organizes law school information sessions, holds mock LSAT tests, and brings in guest speakers such as judges and lawyers to offer career insights.

Further education fair

Meet with representatives from professional and graduate programs at 90 universities in North America, Europe, and Australia when they visit Waterloo's campus each year.

Centre for Career Action

Advisors can help you research law schools and the application process. Get one-on-one advice and tips for the LSAT along with how to do well in law school admissions interviews.

Law School Admission Council

Learn about law schools in Canada, including an overview of the admissions process