students sitting and working at tables
Transitioning to university is a big deal! We know you're going to experience many changes and encounter experiences and systems that you've never dealt with before. We've put together some key information to help you get a jump start on making the move to university!

Tips for success

At university, the volume of work is higher than you'd expect, classes are larger than in high school, and deadlines are non-negotiable. Instructors expect you to come prepared to class and will assume you understand the material unless you tell them otherwise.

The first six weeks is a time of transition for university students. Here are some of the things you can do to help ease the transition: 

  • Get organized
    • Read your class outline - it has assignment deadlines, course expectations, class and tutorial dates and times, and other important information.
    • Create a work-back schedule to plan ahead, meet deadlines, and be ready for exams.
  • Go to class
    • You'll get extra material, like examples and tips from the processor.
    • Look at the course content at least 3 times to help you be successful on tests. Class counts as one of those times!
  • When you're in class...
    • Sit near the front of the room to eliminate distractions.
    • Sit in the same spot each day - your instructors will get to know you.
  • Get connected
    • Higher level of contact with instructors has been linked to higher levels of learning.
    • Visit instructor or Teaching Assistant office hours if you have questions about course content.
  • Deal with adversity
    • Rough patches aren’t always a bad thing. Working through problems helps you learn and grow.
    • Speak up if you’re struggling - your instructors are willing to help if they know you need it.
  • Enjoy your university experience!
    • Seek life balance, schedule breaks, and explore things you enjoy and meeting new people.