Our advisors

Co-op student talking to student advisor

On both the recruiting and work term, CEE advisors are available to support Waterloo students. 

Prior to your first work term, you'll be assigned a Career Advisor. Once you’ve completed your first work term, a Student Advisor becomes your main point of contact.

How do I connect with my advisor?

The best way to connect with your advisor is by using the ‘Send A Message’ button on your WaterlooWorks dashboard and the system will automatically send your message to the right advisor.

  • If you’re on a recruiting term, employed for the upcoming work term, and have a question specific to your employer or work term, use the button called ‘Send a message to your advisor’ in the ‘Hire Waterloo Co-op’ widget on the dashboard
  • If you’d like to connect with your advisor via phone, their contact information is available by selecting the ‘Hire Waterloo Co-op’ button on the left-navigation menu in WaterlooWorks

Student Advisors

If you’ve already completed your first work term, your Student Advisor is your main point of contact, before and during the hiring process, on your co-op job, and after you return to campus. Student Advisors work with you once you start your new work term and remains your primary contact until you begin a new work term, at which point you may be matched to a new student advisor.

Student advisors work off campus to be close to students during work terms. They continue to support students during their school term by phone and using WaterlooWorks communications.

Student advisor responsibilities:

  • Conduct work-term consultations with students.
  • Provide guidance on achieving work-term success.
  • Have expertise in their employers and their geographic area.

Student advisors are located in cities throughout Ontario and elsewhere. You will likely work with several student advisors during the years you take part in the co-op system, and in each case will be able to draw on their knowledge of your particular employers.

During the work term, your student advisor will consult with you in person, online through WaterlooWorks communications, or telephone during the middle two months of the term. 

Under unusual circumstances, the consultation may be conducted in the last month of the term. 

The in-person work-term consultation takes approximately half an hour.                                  

Career Advisors

 You can ask career advisors not just for career help, but also for co-op process support. Book a "co-op process" appointment with the Centre for Career Action.

Career Advisor responsibilities:

  • Help you fit together skills to land your first job if you are going into your first work term.
  • Sign off a job (drop in appointments available).
  • Assist you with questions about the co-op process if you have not yet had a work term.          

To explore your career options, hone job search strategies, or prepare for graduate or professional school at any point in your Waterloo experience, please do one of the following: book an appointment online with any of our career advisors; come to the Tatham Centre room 1214 for a drop-in or; call 519-888-4047 to arrange a phone or Skype drop-in.

Career advisors are also available through brief drop-in meetings.

4800+ students access drop-in career or co-op consultation services 2900+ students attended individual career advising sessions

We look forward to serving your co-op and career advising needs.