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Be a student ambassador

3 student ambassadors standing behind tableEach year the Visitors Centre hires students who:

  • Are enthusiastic and energetic
  • Think Waterloo is an amazing school
  • Have excellent public speaking abilities
  • Have been involved in various student-related activities at Waterloo
  • Can relate well to students and their parents

Student Ambassadors provide campus tours to future students, help at open houses, and respond to student inquiries by phone, email, and online chat.

Student Ambassadors are part of Marketing and Undergraduate Recruitment, a team-centred environment. Our staff work independently and with one another to achieve the common goals of attracting high-quality students to Waterloo.

We also provide exceptional service to both prospective and current students, University of Waterloo faculty and staff, and other visitors to the campus.

Student Ambassadors are hired in March each year. The salary is $11.75 per hour, and work hours vary each week.