Incoming first-years


Live in residence, 100% guaranteed 


Living in residences means becoming part of a great community, with support to help make your transition to University life as smooth as possible. You have the choice of living in one of Waterloo Residences 5 first-year residences, or at one of Waterloo’s University Colleges.

At Waterloo, residence is guaranteed for all incoming first-year students. What do you need to do?

Incoming first-year students that missed the 100% Guarantee that would like to live with us for the 2019/20 academic year can still apply for housing through the fall 2019 Vacancy Application. We will assign incoming first-year students on the vacancy list to residences starting in August. First-year vacancy list students will either be matched with students seeking contract replacement or to any vacancies that we have in residence at the time of assignment. Vacancy list students are not guaranteed a residence assignment, but we will try our best to assign as many as we can based on available space. Apply for fall 2019 vacancy application here.


Printable checklist



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