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Procedures for job searches in JobMine and arranging your own job

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Applying to jobs posted in JobMine

The JobMine System

JobMine is Waterloo’s online system created for students and employers to manage the recruitment process.

JobMine's broad scope makes it a dynamic recruiting tool for employers, an all-in-one system for students to use to search and apply for jobs, and a record-keeping and interview-scheduling tool for CECA staff.

​Job descriptions:

  • are viewed through JobMine
  • are available for application starting in the morning on posting open dates
  • close at 11:59 p.m. on posting close dates.

Job postings

  • Look at the important dates, to determine posting open and close dates.
  • Job postings take place on specific dates prior to the first interview cycle, then change to daily postings for continuous interview cycles.
  • JobMine tracks the number of job applications you have and allows you a maximum of 50 (your application limit of 50 increases to 99 later in the term should you still be looking for employment).
  • You will get a new application opportunity each time you:
    • aren’t granted an interview
    • aren’t ranked for the job following the interview
    • aren’t matched with a job
    • apply to a job which becomes cancelled

Non-counting jobs

  • Don’t count towards your application limit.
  • May have been posted in an earlier cycle, but got few applicants. If you already applied for such a job, you don’t need to reapply, because the employer is still considering you.

The JobMine job application process

  1. Perform a job search in JobMine.
  2. Add jobs you’re interested in to your job short list.
  3. Use your job short list to prioritize jobs before making a final application decision.
  4. Finalize your choices then apply to jobs by clicking “apply” on each appropriate row of the jobs in your job short list. Remember to apply before 11:59 p.m. on the posting close date.
  5. If you apply to a job in error, contact your student advisor immediately (or a career advisor if you’ve not yet had a first work term).
    • If discrepancies occur, report them to the Information Centre, Ground Level, TC immediately, but no later than 4:00 p.m. on the job posting close date.  

Don't wait until last minute to apply

  • To avoid overwhelming JobMine, please don’t wait until the last minute to apply for jobs, because the system could be swamped with late users, slowing it down to the point where you will not have enough time to submit your applications.
  • Extensions will not be given to students who are logged in, but have not completed their applications by the time the posting closes.

Don’t contact employers for job details. Instead, conduct your own research on the web.

Co-operative Education will not provide the names, e-mail addresses or phone numbers of interviewers.

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Arranging your own job

​Why arrange your own job?

  • You want to search for opportunities on your own or,
  • You are searching for a job as well as using the Co-operative Education employment process to optimize your opportunities.

Before you start

  • Talk about your strategies and their possible consequences with your student advisor immediately (or a career advisor if you have not previously had a work term).
  • If want to search for a job without using the Co-operative Education employment process (you're not to combine it with the Co-operative Education employment process), your co-op status on JobMine will be changed to "Unemployed: Student Arranged."
  • You may not target Co-operative Education contacts at organizations that actively recruit through our employment process.

The six requirements of an arranged-own job

1. Must be paid

  • You must receive actual remuneration for your co-op work term.
  • The job must pay at least the provincial minimum wage (in Canada). 
  • In all other situations, if you are concerned about salary, please refer to the credit worthiness of unpaid co-op jobs and contact your advisor.

2. Must be full time

  • The job must be full time which means 35-40 hours per week of employment.

3. Work term length must be 16 weeks

  • The job length must be for the full 16 week length of the work term.  However, in rare circumstances (e.g., in cases where you start the job late due to difficulty in finding employment), the job length can be reduced to no less than 12 weeks. 
  • Proposed work terms under 16 weeks are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

4. Supervisor must not be related to you

  • You may not work under the direct supervision of a family member (you can work for a family business as long as your supervisor is not a family member).

5. Must be related to your field of study

  • The job should be related to your field defined by your program of study. 
  • Credit worthiness is determined by whether the job meets a minimum number of industry-based attributes. For example, Engineering defines these attributes as per the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) guidelines and says students must meet four of the attributes. For more information, please view the accreditation criteria for Engineering co-op jobs (PDF).
  • Contact your advisor in Co-operative Education if you are unsure if the job opportunity would be related to your field of study.

6. First work term Job will be considered eligible for credit if they demonstrate they will provide a foundation for future work terms

What is foundational employment?

  • A job in an environment in which a graduate in your field of study might ultimately work or,
  • It offers the opportunity to learn about subjects  and/or skills related to your field of study  (e.g.,  opportunities to learn practical lessons about implementing skills related to your program or about your program-related work environments, teams, careers).
  • Foundational work term jobs fall into these categories:  production, administrative, and labour&lt;--break-&gt;

Approval Process For Arranging Own Job 

  1. ​Complete the Job Information Form
  2. Before submitting the form, if you have questions about the content and/or applicability of the job contact your student advisor (if you have been previously employed on a work term) or schedule an appointment with a career advisor if it’s your first work term.
  3. Submit the form online. Your advisor will provide a decision as to whether or not the job is appropriate for official credit.
  4. If your job is approved, your status on JobMine will be changed to Unemployed-Awaiting Decision (UA) pending receipt and validation with the employer of your job information form.
  5. When Co-operative Education has been able to verify the employment with your employer, your status will be changed to "Employed" and your employment information recorded in your profile on JobMine.

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Work search resources - finding a co-op job

The Centre for Career Action created some job search resources that you may find very helpful in your search for a co-op job (login required)

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Combined job search

You can search and apply for jobs via JobMine, as well as search for jobs externally, on your own.

Meet with your student advisor (or a career advisor if you’re searching for a job for your first work term) to clarify job search strategies and to ensure you comply with Co-operative Education’s regulations and procedures.

Otherwise, you’re committed to all interviews granted until you’re matched with a job through the process.

To withdraw from any interviews scheduled through JobMine when trying to arrange your own job, you must first speak with your student advisor (or a career advisor if you’ve not yet had a work term). 

Use letters of Introduction:

We recommend that you write targeted cover letters outlining your relevant accomplishments and show the employer that you understand how you could benefit them. 

In those letters, you may wish to include a statement such as:

Hiring a co-op student can save you money directly. You can find out more about the Co-op Tax Credit and funding programs for employers within Ontario and Canada at Hire Waterloo.

[Note: Do not use the above statement if applying to employers outside of Canada.]

More importantly, hiring a co-op student can bring immediate value to your workplace.  The University of Waterloo runs the largest co-operative education program in the world and takes the professional development of its students seriously.  All co-op students complete mandatory professional development courses to help them adapt to new workplaces and begin contributing away.  Students are also evaluated by their co-op supervisors, and their rankings are visible to future employers.

Co-op Education will, upon request, provide you with an electronic letter of introduction that you may use to accompany your job search documents.

The letter of introduction provides prospective employers (not already actively recruiting Waterloo co-op students) with a brief synopsis of co-operative education at Waterloo.

If you would like to use a letter of introduction, drop in to see a career advisor (pre-first work term student) or request a letter from your student advisor.

Financial incentives for employers to hire you

  • When searching for your own job, use these benefits of hiring a Waterloo student and the cost savings to help convince the employer to hire you.
  • A key financial benefit to companies who hire a Co-op student is the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC).
    • Companies are eligible to claim the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC) which provides them with a 25-30 per cent cost savings (claimed as a tax credit), up to $3000 per work term per student hired. 
    • See more information about funding support
  • University of Waterloo faculty have the opportunity to take advantage of the Undergraduate Research Internship Program to hire you as a full-time co-op or regular student.

Note: Organizations not eligible for the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC) are government (all levels) and other not-for-profit organizations.

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Offer to return to a previous employer

If you receive an offer to return to a previous employer after you have started to apply for posted jobs, you’re allowed to withdraw from the interview process.

If the offer is received prior to the first day of the interview cycle. You must inform your student advisor immediately prior to the first day of interviews so that the offer of employment can be confirmed with the employer.

Normally you may not withdraw from interviews once you begin the process. You must follow the guidelines for withdrawal from interviews.

Pharmacy students may return to a previous employer only once.

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Two (2) work-term opportunity

Students are required to return to an employer for their next scheduled work term (a minimum of two (2) consecutive work terms) if the requirement was:

  • stated in the job description at the time of application for the job
  • stated in the interview 

There are many reasons to work for the same employer for more than one work term. Seriously consider it if you are presented with the opportunity.

  • If your employer hasn’t confirmed your second work term by the start of the job posting period after you’ve returned to campus, you’re not required to return.
  • If your employer confirms the second work term once you begin submitting application packages and you wish to return, you must contact your student advisor. Removal from the employment process must take place prior to the first day of interviews.
  • If the employer confirms the second work term once you begin submitting application "packages" and you wish to return, you must consult with your student advisor immediately, but removal from the JobMine process must take place before the first day of interviews.
  • You’re obligated to return for a second term if it was outlined in the job description or interview. If you don’t honour the commitment, normally your access to JobMine will be removed for the current and upcoming recruitment terms.

Two work-term commitment required

  • If an organization requires a two work term commitment, you must be prepared to return to this employer for your next scheduled work term.
  • If you can't honour an employment match with a job which clearly stated in the “Comments” field of the job description that a two work term commitment is required, normally your access to JobMine will be removed for the current and upcoming recruitment terms.

Two work-term commitment preferred

  • The employer will be contacted after the match to confirm if they are still interested in hiring you for an additional work term.  If so, the you will be contacted by Co-operative Education to confirm acceptance, though you are not obligated to accept the offer for a second work term. 

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Eight (8) month work terms

Some posted co-op positions may require you to work for eight straight months, rather than the normal four.

  • Many plans (but not all) have suitable flexibility in their academic/work term sequences to allow a change; but, don't assume your plan is one of them. Some (but not all) Engineering programs can accommodate eight-month work terms.
  • You must determine the flexibility of your plan to accommodate an eight-month work term at your particular point of progress before submitting your application to ensure your access to courses will not be compromised.
  • If you're in Pharmacy, you are not eligible for an eight-month work term.                                              
  • Obtain tentative approval from your undergraduate advisor before applying to any position longer than four months. 
  • Should you apply for, and be matched with, employment that is eight months in length, you will not be released from your employment match, because an eight-month work term cannot be accommodated by your plan.
  • Failure to honour an employment match will normally result in the removal of your access to JobMine for the current and upcoming recruitment terms..                                                                                                            
  • Students who acquire an eight-month position must complete and submit a Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence Change Form to properly formalize the sequence change.

Your student advisor can offer advice and assistance regarding this process.

Eight-month consecutive work term required

  • Not scheduled for an eight-month term, but applying for one?
    • If you apply to positions that require eight consecutive months commitment, but you are not scheduled for an eight-month work term in your program, you must determine the flexibility of your plan to accommodate an eight-month work term and get pre-approval from your academic advisor in your Faculty. Some programs may require a delay in anticipated graduation date if you take an eight-month work opportunity.
  • Matched with an eight-month job, but not scheduled for one?
    • You must complete and submit a Request for Academic/Work Term Sequence form. This form is only signed by your academic advisor in your Faculty if there is flexibility within your academic plan to accommodate an eight-month work term. Your student advisor can offer advice and assistance regarding this process.
  • Already scheduled out for an eight-month work term?
    • There is no additional action required for students who are already scheduled out for an eight month work term.
  • Pulling out of a matched job?
    • If you cannot honour an employment match that clearly stated an eight-month work term commitment in the “Comments” field of the job description, normally your access to JobMine will be removed for the current and upcoming recruitment terms.

Eight month consecutive work term preferred

  • The employer will be contacted after the match to confirm if they are still interested in extending the work term to an eight month consecutive term.  If so, you will be contacted by CECA to confirm acceptance, though you are not obligated to accept the offer of extension.  If you and your employer agree, you are able to extend the work term at some later point.

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Other requirements when applying to jobs in JobMine

  • Car needed
    • Is a car is required? Don't apply for the job unless you are certain you will have the use of a car.
  • Federal Government jobs
    • Students without their Canadian citizenship are not hired by the Government of Canada; so don't apply unless you are a Canadian citizen. 
  • Work location
    • If you are unsure of a location, check it on a map.
  • OSAP eligible
    • If the job requires you to be OSAP eligible, you must have received funding from OSAP in the current term.
  • Working abroad
    • If you are interested in working abroad, be aware that international employers are generally not looking for junior students; we recommend that you only consider locations within Canada for your first couple of work terms.
  • Employers with more than one job available
    • Verify your application on JobMine to make sure that you are attending the correct interview.

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