Canada's Largest Engineering School

Ranked among the top 50 engineering schools worldwide, Waterloo Engineering is committed to leading engineering education and research.

We are the largest engineering school in Canada, with over 10,500 students enrolled in 2020. In 2019/20, external research funding from Canadian and international partners exceeded $86.8 million, a strong indication of our extensive industry partnerships and the excellence of our engineering research programs.


  1. Jan. 18, 2022Startup cited by UN for AI work at cricket factory

    A company that was co-founded by two Waterloo Engineering professors has been recognized by an agency of the United Nations (UN) for its contributions to a state-of-the-art facility to farm crickets as a source of protein.

    DarwinAI and the Aspire Food Group, which is leading the initiative, were named to a list of the top 10 projects using artificial intelligence (AI) to advance the UN’s sustainability goals.

  2. Jan. 18, 2022New chair named for electrical, computer engineering

    Professor Kankar Bhattacharya has been selected as the new chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

    Bhattacharya, who will take over from interim chair Manoj Sachdev, is scheduled to begin a four-year term May 1.

  3. Jan. 17, 2022Professor helps develop PPE disinfection system

    A professor at Waterloo Engineering collaborated with researchers in New Zealand on the development of a method to disinfect personal protective equipment (PPE) for reuse or recycling.

    Bill Anderson, a professor of chemical engineering, lent his expertise on disinfection using ultraviolet light to a multidisciplinary effort triggered by a shortage of PPE early in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Jan. 26, 2022WIN Thematic Seminar Series: Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Spectral Interference Correction
    WIN AI event image with speaker headshot

    The Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) has four main thematic research areas; Smart and Function Materials, Connected Devices, Next Generation Energy Systems and Therapeutics and Theranostics. To showcase the work going on within these areas, we will be holding monthly WIN Thematic Seminars featuring our members and their research group members.

  2. Jan. 27 to Feb. 24, 2022The Water Innovation Challenge
    Blue water innovation banner with 3 logos

    New Innovation Research Challenge Seeks Proposals for Novel Applications of BlackBerry Technologies to Advance Progress Against UN Sustainable Development Goals

  3. Jan. 27, 2022Office Hour: "The Power of Relationships: Why Mentorship Matters"

    Waterloo Engineering alumni and current students are invited to participate in an exclusive virtual Office Hour "The Power of Relationships: Why Mentorship Matters" sponsored by Ten Thousand Coffees.

    Students and Recent Grads! Having a mentor, especially in the workplace, can be a game-changer. Learning to build strong relationships is a key skill for personal and professional success. Building a relationship with a mentor can help boost your confidence, improve your career satisfaction and provide access to networks that will grow your career.

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