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Waterloo Engineering Society

The University of Waterloo Engineering Society, also known as the Waterloo Engineering Society, Engineering Society, or EngSoc, is a non-profit organization which represents the undergraduate Engineering student population at the University of Waterloo. Built on legacy and tradition, it continues to unify the students in the Faculty of Engineering and provide resources for its members to develop and succeed as undergraduate students and beyond.

The Engineering Society voices the student opinion to numerous University of Waterloo committees, councils and governing bodies, including the Faculty of Engineering, University Administration, Co-operative and Experiential Education. Engineering Societies of other universities and external organizations. 

The Engineering Society provides services to students to improve their university experience. They maintain spaces like Novelties (merchandise store), RidgidWare (hardware store), POETS (engineering student lounge), and the Coffee and Donut shop. They also operate an online exam bank, and offer termly resume critiques, work report binding, technical workshops, and mental health resources. 

Each term, students organize and run events through the Engineering Society, from ski trips, to hackathons, theatre productions, trips to the Toronto Pride Parade, and much more! Any Engineering student can apply to run an event through termly director applications.

A-Soc and B-Soc

As Waterloo Engineering students alternate between work terms and school terms every four months, the Engineering Society is run alternately by two teams of students: Society "A" (A-Soc) and Society "B" (B-Soc). This allows the maintenance of a consistent set of executives, directors, and members. Whichever society is on-term while a student is in a school term is the society of which they are currently a member.


Even-numbered years (2020,2022,2024...)

Odd-numbered years (2021, 2023, 2025...)
Winter Society "A" Society "B"
Spring Society "B" Society "A"
Fall Society "A" Society "B"