Waterloo Engineering's undergraduate program is:

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100% undergraduate student participation in co-op giving you skills to start early on a successful career path.

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We have two of the most active student societies in Canada: the Waterloo Engineering Society and the Waterloo Architecture Student Association.

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94% of our graduates are employed within 6 months after graduation. 

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With over 600 startups to date linking back to Waterloo Engineering, and a liberal intellectual property (IP) policy.

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We're home to about 7,600 exceptional undergraduate students. 

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Offering international exchange opportunities to 27 different countries with over 1,400 students on co-op outside of Canada each year.

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Waterloo Engineering offers a large range of professional undergraduate engineering programs, as well as a world-renowned School of Architecture. All of our programs are direct-entry.

Our Students...

  • are bright, active, involved leaders. 
  • have swept away all other North American engineering schools in a contest to build a greener SUV.
  • made the Guinness Book of World Records for distance raced by a solar car.
  • built award-winning flying robots and concrete toboggans.
  • start their own businesses - while they're still students.
  • pitched theme park ideas to Disney.
  • have been named the best co-op students in the region, the province and the nation.

What is Engineering?

Engineers are involved with every aspect of today's world. You might build a sustainable building, improve a transit system, reorganize a corporation or design robots for dangerous jobs.  Some of our students move on to law or medicine, or a business career.  Some take postgraduate degrees to become professors, senior researchers or consultants. 

Ask yourself, what do I touch that’s not engineered? Engineering develops and delivers consumer goods -- builds networks of highways, air and rail travel, and the internet – mass produces antibiotics, creates artificial heart valves, builds lasers – offers wonders like imaging technology and conveniences like microwave ovens and compact disks.  In short, engineering makes modern life possible. 

William A. Wulf 
President of the National Academy of Engineering