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Waterloo Engineering offers 14 professional engineering programs on our main campus, as well as our renowned pre-professional architecture program at our School of Architecture in Cambridge.

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Step 1: Determine your applicant type

Step 2: Choose your major

Choose your major when you apply. Visit programs and options for information about the majors offered at Waterloo. Find out more about the admission averages.

Waterloo Engineering offers direct-entry programs, meaning that students are admitted into specific engineering disciplines in first-year studies. This approach is different from institutions that offer a general first year, in which students select and compete for their discipline prior to the second-year of studies.

Applications to Engineering

Applicants must select one Waterloo Engineering program (civil, mechanical, systems design, software, etc.) on the OUAC application

  • This should be the program you are most interested in—not the one that you think is easiest to get into.

Applicants will be able to submit one alternate engineering program choice on the Admission Information Form, for which they will be considered if they are not accepted into their first choice

  • Preference for each program may be given to students who select that program on the OUAC form.
Applications to Architecture Applications to our School of Architecture are handled independently from our engineering programs, and are available as a separate choice on the OUAC application form.
Applications to Engineering and Architecture

Applicants who are interested in both architecture and engineering can apply to both programs via the OUAC.

Please note that this will require you to use two of your three OUAC choices (one for each program). Programs should be ranked in your order of preference. 

Applicants will be able to submit one alternate engineering program choices on the Admission Information Form, for which they will be considered if they are not accepted into their first choice

Step 3: Review timelines and application processes

Review our process for offers of admission and other important dates. For this information, visit our admission timeline.

Step 4: Finish your application

Questions about Engineering admissions?

Before contacting us, we ask that you review the application process in detail. Should you have additional questions or require clarifications e-mail us.

Thank you very much for considering the Architecture and Engineering programs the University of Waterloo. We wish you success, wherever your future takes you!

Admissions frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Check out our frequently asked questions for information regarding English language requirements.