Waterloo Ready

Waterloo Ready helps you make personal connections with other students, provides insider tips, and offers many resources to successfully navigate your first year. 

On Saturday, July 9, join us in-person or virtually for Engineering Ready Day that will cover:

  • What to expect from your classes in September and how you can you plan for a successful year
  • How to prepare for your first co-op term
  • How to find balance as an Engineering student

Throughout the summer, there will also be Get Ready webinars on residence, finances, equity, and more. The Waterloo Ready Online LEARN Course begins in August, along with Peer Mentorship groupsWatch your email for invites and details!

Eng101 Guide

If you feel like you need some extra tips before school starts, the Engineering 101 Guide is for you (and your parents/supporters). It includes:

  • differences between university and highschool
  • how to make the most out of your classes and tutorials
  • how to prepared for co-op
  • how parents can support 

Math Preparation

The Faculty of Engineering has put into place a math preparation course known as MTHEL 99 (First-Year Engineering Readiness) to help refresh your knowledge of high school mathematics and prepare you for academic success.

In the past, weak mathematical abilities and missing background topics have been identified as a cause for poor academic performance. Possible missing background topics are even more relevant this year, given that many incoming students have had their final year of studies impacted by the pandemic.

We are providing students with MTHEL 99 to assess their personal level of math preparation and enable them to easily fill in any missing background knowledge.

Orientation Week

Wondering how you'll find your way around campus, make great friends, join a team, get involved, or just get a handle on what your new world is all about?

You'll definitely want to be part of Orientation Week. It is a full week to get you oriented and connected to your new community, and open the door to tons of opportunities!

To find out more about your orientation, visit Waterloo Engineering Orientation.

During Orientation you'll have the opportunity to:

  • connect with your future classmates
  • experience the unique traditions of the University and your Faculty
  • learn the UWaterloo and community culture
  • hear more about what UWaterloo has to offer