The Canadian Academy of Engineering

Established in 1987, the Canadian Academy of Engineering serves the nation in matters of engineering concern. Its mission is to enhance, through the application and adaptation of science and engineering principles, the promotion of well-being and the creation of wealth in Canada. The Fellows of the Academy are elected on the basis of their distinguished service and contribution to society, to the country, and to the profession. All Fellows are professional engineers, from all disciplines.

Since the establishment of the Academy in 1987, many Waterloo Engineering alumni and professors have been named Fellows of the Academy. To celebrate this great achievement, we present here the Waterloo Engineering alumni and professors who have received this honour to date. Congratulations, we are proud of your achievements.


Chunli Bai
Honorary DEng 2017

Catherine Booth
BASc 1988, Systems Design Engineering
MASc 1990, Management Sciences

James Estill
BASc 1980, Systems Design Engineering

Fraser Forbes
BASc 1982, Chemical Engineering 
MASc 1984, Chemical Engineering

Diane Freeman
BASc 1992, Civil Engineering 

Josephine Hill
BASc 1991, Chemical Engineering
MASc 1992, Chemical Engineering

Kakhreddine Karray
​University Research Chair Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

David Ross
BASc 1991, Computer Engineering

Susan Tighe
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
MASc 1997, Civil Engineering
PhD 2000, Civil Engineering

Mary Wells
Professor, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

John Yeow
​Professor, Systems Design Engineering


Tom Chau
PhD 1998, Systems Design Engineering

Zhongwei Chen
Professor, Chemical Engineering

Xianguo Li
Professor, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

Andrew Pollard
BASc 1975, Mechanical Engineering

William (Bill) Rosehart
BASc 1996, Electrical Engineering
MASc 1997, Electrical Engineering
PhD 2001, Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Joao Soares
​Adjunct Professor, Chemical Engineering


Elizabeth Croft
MASc 1992, Mechanical Engineering

Liping Fang
MASc 1985, Systems Design Engineering
PhD 1989, Systems Design Engineering

Michel Nakhla
MASc 1973, Electrical Engineering
PhD 1975, Electrical Engineering

Andrew Pape-Salmon
BASc 1994, Systems Design Engineering

Manoj Sachdev
Department Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Anthony Vannelli
​Former Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
PnD 1984, Electrical Engineering

Zhou Wang
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Pu Chen
Professor, Chemical Engineering

Robert B. Magee
BASc 1978, Chemical Engineering
DENG 2011

Sushanta K. Mitra
PhD 2001, Mechanical Engineering

Ming Yu
Adjunct Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Feridun Hamdullahpur
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
President & Vice-Chancellor of the University of Waterloo

Jatin Nathwani
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Claudio Canizares
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Catherine Rosenberg
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


D. Grant Allen
PHD 1987, Chemical Engineering

Daniel H. Bader
MASC 1979, Civil Engineering

Jan Carr
MASC 1970, Electrical Engineering
PHD 1972, Electrical Engineering
Honourary DENG 2010

Lynne G. Cowe Falls
MASC 1979, Civil Engineering
PHD 2004, Civil Engineering

Xuemin (Sherman) Shen
Professor, Electrical & Computer


Andreas K. Athienitis
PhD 1985, Mechanical Engineering

Dennis E. Becker
BASc 1975, Civil Engineering

Thomas Zoltan Fahidy
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineering
Former Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

John McPhee
Professor, Systems Design Engineering
MASc 1986, Mechanical Engineering
PhD 1990, Mechanical Engineering

Thomas Oxland
BASc 1986, Civil Engineering
MASc 1987, Civil Engineering

Anthony Rosati
BASc 1985, Electrical Engineering

Christopher Young
PhD 1993, Management Sciences

Weihua Zhuang
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Gordon B. Agnew
PhD 1982, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Carl T. Haas
BASc 1985, Systems Design Engineering
Professor, Civil Engineering

Venkatesh Kodur
Past Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Hadi K. Mahabadi
MASc 1975, Chemical Engineering
PhD 1976, Chemical Engineering
Past Adjunct Professor, Chemical Engineering

Chul B. Park
Adjunct Professor, Chemical Engineering

Janet L. Ronsky
BASc 1983, Mechanical Engineering

En-hui Yang:
Professor, Electrical & Engineering


Amit Chakma
Vice President, Academic & Provost
Professor, Chemical Engineering

Savvas Chamberlain
Honorary DEng 2007
Retired Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Fernand Ellyin
PhD 1966, Civil Engineering

Jon W. Mark
Retired Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Douglas Warren Ruth
PhD 1977, Mechanical Engineering

Bin Wu
Past Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


David Stewart Weaver
PhD 1969, Civil Engineering


Lynn P. Tessier
BASc 1978, Mechanical Engineering
MASc 1981, Mechanical Engineering

Ian Fraser Blake
Retired Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Maher Boulos
MASc 1967, Chemical Engineering
PhD 1972, Chemical Engineering

Richard J. Munz
BASc 1969, Chemical Engineering
MASc 1971, Chemical Engineering


Prabha Kundur
Honorary DEng 2004

Edward Allan Sudicky
BASc 1977, Civil Engineering


Anthony P. Franceschini
BASc 1975, Civil Engineering

Kenneth W. Neale
MASc 1968, Civil Engineering
PhD 1972, Civil Engineering

Alexander Penlidis
Professor, Chemical Engineering


H. Douglas Barber
Honorary DEng 1997

Adel S. Sedra
Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Raymond Bartnikas
Honorary DEng 2002

Carolyn M. Hansson
Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Thomas A. Brzustowski
Honorary DEng 1997
Former Professor, Mechanical Engineering

R. Wayne Bowes
BASc 1962, Civil Engineering

Keith W. Hipel
BASc 1970, Engineering
MASc 1972, Systems Design Engineering
PhD 1975, Engineering
Professor, Systems Design Engineering

Mohamed I. Elmasry
Retired Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Victor Milligan
Honorary DEng 1990

Archibald N. Sherbourne (1929-1999)
Former Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Retired Professor, Civil Engineering


Micheline Bouchard
Honorary DEng 2002

Roger A. Dorton
Honorary DEng 1989

Bruce G. Hutchinson
PhD 1965, Civil Engineering
Retired Professor, Civil Engineering


Morrel P. Bachynski
Honorary Doctor of Laws 1993
Ralph C. G. Haas

PhD 1968, Civil Engineering
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Civil Engineering


Donald A. Chisholm (1927-2004)
Honorary DEng 1979

Camille A. Dagenais
Honorary DEng 1986

Alan G. Davenport
Honorary DEng 1986

William H. Gauvin (1913-1994)
Honorary DEng 1967

Bernard Lamarre
Honorary DEng 1984

Walter F. Light (1923-1996)
Honorary DEng 1985

Les W. Shemilt
Honorary DEng 1996

Ernest Siddall
Honorary DEng 1991

Douglas T. Wright
Honorary Doctor of Laws 1995
President Emeritus, University of Waterloo
Former Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Systems Design