Computer Engineering admission requirements for British System -- A-levels students

Program requirements

A-level Mathematics and A-level Physics, minimum final grade of A in each. One additional A-level, minimum final grade of B. Chemistry (GCSE-level required, A-level recommended), minimum final grade of B. GCSE-level English, minimum final grade of B.

For admission, students are selected on an individual basis; A's and A*'s recommended for competitive programs.

General requirements

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalent
  • Passes in at least five unique subjects, three of which must be at the Advanced Level
  • The faculties of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science may consider GCSE-level English as a Second Language provided that you also submit a satisfactory English Language test score.
  • Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Accounting and Financial Management, Environment, and Architecture will not accept GCSE-level English as a Second Language to satisfy the academic English course requirement.
  • Applicants admitted to programs in the faculties of Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Environment, Mathematics, or Science will be given consideration for transfer credit for Advanced Level courses in which a minimum final grade of "B" is attained.
  • IGCSE and GCE (O-level) courses are assessed as equivalent for programs that require courses at the GCSE level.
  • For programs that require A-level Mathematics, Mathematics or Pure Mathematics are accepted.
For more information regarding transfer credits and advanced standing for A-Level courses, please visit our A-Level transfer credit policy page.


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