Distinguished Teacher Award Recipients

 An alphabetical list of DTA recipients is also available.

Year Name Department Faculty
2024 Brenda Lee Physics and Astronomy Science
2024 Carol Hulls Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
2024 Cecilia Cotton Statistics and Actuarial Sciences Mathematics
2024 Jordan Hamilton Mathematics Undergraduate Group Mathematics
2023 Rafferty, Zara Recreation and Leisure Studies Health
2023 Nakhla, Nardine School of Pharmacy Science
2023 Skrzydlo, Diana Statistics and Actuarial Science Mathematics
2023 Delaney, Keith Earth and Environmental Sciences Science
2022 Arora, Upkar Accounting and Finance Arts
2022 McKone, Paul Knowledge Integration Environment


Duncan, Robin  Kinesiology  Health 
2021 Ivkovic, Igor  Systems Design Engineering  Engineering 
2021 Kearns, Suzanne  Geography and Environmental Management Environment 
2021 Wolczuk, Dan  Dean of Mathematics Office Mathematics
2020 Ewert, Lowell Peace and Conflict Studies, Conrad Grebel Arts
2020 Marta, Rick Chemistry and Physics & Astronomy Science
2020 Pal, Rajinder Chemical Engineering Engineering
2020 Richard, Cynthia School of Pharmacy Science
2019 Balaban, Steve School of Accounting and Finance Arts
2019 Cohen, Robin Cheriton School of Computer Science Mathematics
2019 Fieguth, Paul Systems Design Engineering Engineering
2019 Houston, Andrew Communication Arts Arts

Chang, Wayne 

Conrad Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Engineering
2018 Dea, Shannon Philosophy Arts
2018 Fisher, Jake Chemistry Science
2018 Seirlis, Julie Kate International Development (St. Paul's) Environment
2017 Barra, Mónica Chemistry Science
2017 Bedi, Sanjeev Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Engineering
2017 Davison, Dan Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering
2017 McKinnon, David Pure Mathematics Mathematics
2016 Lim, Jee-Hae School of Accounting and Finance Arts
2016 McKillop, Bob Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering
2016 Plaisance, Kathryn Knowledge Integration Environment
2016 Pritzker, Mark Chemical Engineering Engineering
2015 Kroeker, Greta History Arts
2015 MacDonald, Michael English Language and Literature Arts
2015 McAllister, Mary Louise Environment and Resource Studies Environment
2015 West, Jeff Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering
2014 Memon, Kashif Science and Business Science
2014 Sen, Anindya Economics Arts
2014 Tuncel, Levent Combinatorics and Optimization Mathematics
2014 Vester, Christina Classical Studies Arts
2013 Anthony, Kelly Public Health and Health Systems Applied Health Sciences
2013 Casello, Jeff Planning Environment
2013 Ennis, Richard Psychology Arts  
2013 Cronin, Duane Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering Engineering
2012 Kenyon, Tim Philosophy Arts
2012 Mansour, Firas Physics and Astronomy Science
2012 Menezes, Alfred Combinatorics and Optimization Mathematics
2012 Penny Light, Tracy Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies (St. Jerome's) Arts
2011 Bednarski, Steven History (St. Jerome's) Arts
2011 McGee, Ted English (St. Jerome's) Arts
2011 Seasons, Mark Planning Environment
2011 Dayeh, Vivian Biology Science
2010 Kirton, Doug Fine Arts Arts
2010 Connolly, Tristanne English, St. Jerome's Arts
2010 Vanden Bosch, Nancy Accounting and Finance Arts
2010 Mann, Robert Physics and Astronomy Science
2009 Lappin-Fortin, Kerry Italian and French Studies (St. Jerome's) Arts
2009 Pare, Francois French Studies Arts
2009 Rowlands, Ian Environment and Resource Studies Environment
2009 Stubley, Gord Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Engineering
2008 Irvine, Jane Geography Environment
2008 Leoni, Monica Spanish and Latin American Studies Arts
2008 Sharratt, Mike Kinesiology Applied Health Sciences
2008 VanderBurgh, Ian Mathematics Mathematics
2007 Bruce, Gary History Arts
2007 Furino, Steve Mathematics (St Jerome's) Mathematics
2007 Moffatt, Barbara Biology Science
2007 Xie, Wei-Chau Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering
2006 Barnett, James Accountancy Arts
2006 Davidson, George Mechanical Engineering Engineering
2006 Ward, Owen Biology Science
2006 Woody, Erik Psychology Arts
2005 Andreae, Dan Social Work, Renison College Arts
2005 Bissonnette, Carey Chemistry Science
2005 Hunt, Andrew History Arts
2005 Jones, Lyndon Optometry Science
2004 Golini, Vera Italian (St. Jerome's) Arts
2004 Lang, Jane Earth Sciences Science
2004 Liu, Wing-Ki Physics Science
2004 Lyons, Harriet Anthropology Arts
2003 Donovan, Anne-Marie Drama and Speech Communication Arts
2003 McCarville, Ron Recreation and Leisure Studies Applied Health Sciences
2003 North, John English Arts
2003 Ryan, Robert French Arts
2002 Hall, Brent Planning Environment
2002 Nutbrown, Richard Political Science Arts
2002 Yoder Neufeld, Tom Religious Studies (Conrad Grebel) Arts
2001 Dube, Pierre French Studies Arts
2001 Frank, Jim Kinesiology Applied Health Sciences
2001 Gorlitz, Will Fine Arts Arts
2001 Hayes, Geoff History Arts
2000 Carvalho, Emanuel Economics Arts
2000 Evans, Al Religious Studies (St. Paul's) Arts
2000 Forrest, Brian Pure Mathematics Mathematics
2000 Russell, Grant Accountancy Arts
1999 Fong, Geoff Psychology Arts
1999 Jaysundera, Rohan Physics Science
1999 Renksizbulut, Metin Mechanical Engineering Engineering
1999 Scoins, Ron Mathematics Mathematics
1998 Frind, Emil Earth Sciences Science
1998 Lemon, Morley Accountancy Arts
1998 Niccoli, Gabriel Italian Studies (St. Jerome's) Arts
1998 Payne, Dale Renison College Arts
1997 Armitage, Howard Accountancy Arts
1997 Hewitt, Conrad Dean's Office, Mathematics (St. Jerome's) Mathematics
1997 McKenzie, Ian Geography Environment
1997 Smith, John Physics Science
1996 Diehl-Jones, Bill Biology Science
1996 Globus, Morton Biology Science
1996 Hipel, Keith Systems Design Engineering Engineering
1996 Mitchell, Bruce Geography Environment
1995 Andrey, Jean Geography Environment
1995 Cash, Susan Dance Arts
1995 Hemming, Desmond Physics Science
1995 Holmes, Richard Philosophy Arts
1995 Yovanovich, Mike Mechanical Engineering Engineering
1994 Black, Catherine French Studies Arts
1994 Brude-Firnau, Gisela Germanic and Slavic Arts
1994 Laiken, Stan Accountancy Arts
1994 Penlidis, Alex Chemical Engineering Engineering
1993 Gutierrez, Mariela Spanish Arts
1993 Haag, Sally Classical Studies Arts
1993 Smith, Larry Economics Arts
1993 Zorzitto, Frank Pure Mathematics Mathematics
1992 Bulman-Fleming, Barb Psychology Arts
1992 Hahn, Kish Systems Design Engineering Engineering
1992 Malone, Mary Religious Studies (St. Jerome's) Arts
1992 Ober, Warren English Arts
1991 Cherry, Winston Statistics and Actuarial Science Mathematics
1991 Lawrence, Barney Engineering and Mathematics Engineering
1991 McGee, Ian Applied Mathematics Mathematics
1991 Morgan, Alan Earth Sciences Science
1990 Bols, Niels Biology Science
1990 Green, Art Fine Arts Arts
1990 Hutchinson, Bruce Civil Engineering Engineering
1990 Sabaryn, Therese French Arts
1989 Dixon, George Biology Science
1989 Forster, Jackie French Arts
1989 McBoyle, Geoff Geography Environment
1988 Van Heeswijk, Richard  Electrical Engineering Engineering
1988 Anderson, Anthony Physics Science
1988 Downey, Terry Political Science Arts
1988 Spafford, Marlee Optometry Science
1987 Irish, Don Chemistry Science
1987 Lerner, Sally Environment and Resource Studies Environment
1987 Mills, David Health Studies Applied Health Sciences
1986 Greenhouse, John Earth Sciences Science
1986 Jernigan, Ed Systems Design Engineering Engineering
1986 Reilly, Park Chemical Engineering Engineering
1985 Huseyin, Koncay Systems Design Engineering Engineering
1985 Krueger, Ralph Geography Environment
1985 Westhues, Ken Sociology Arts
1984 Fryer, Ken Mathematics Mathematics
1984 Tchir, Morris Chemistry Science
1984 Williams, David Optometry Science
1983 Allard, Fran Kinesiology Applied Health Sciences
1983 Heier, Ed Germanic and Slavic  Arts
1983 Ledbetter, Ken English Arts
1983 Raithby, George Mechanical Engineering Engineering
1982 Downer, Roger Biology Science
1982 Farquhar, Grahame Civil Engineering Engineering
1982 Suits, Bernard Philosophy Arts
1981 Haldenby, Rick Architecture Engineering
1981 Letson, Doug English (St. Jerome's) Arts
1981 McDaniel, Susan Sociology Arts
1980 Campbell, Gerry Philosophy (St. Jerome's) Arts
1980 Martin, Walter English Arts
1980 Smith, Stephen Biology Science
1979 Gardner, James Geography Environment
1979 Officer, Jill Dance Arts
1979 Viswanatha, Thammaiah Chemistry Science
1978 Graham, Wes Computer Science Mathematics
1978 Koutsoyiannis, Anna Economics Arts
1978 Lowe, June General Engineering Engineering
1977 Forsyth, Phyllis Classical Studies Arts
1977 Griffin, Gary Psychology Arts
1977 Pathria, Raj Physics Science
1976 Davies, David History Arts
1976 Leipholz, Horst Civil Engineering Engineering
1976 Wainwright, John Applied Mathematics Mathematics