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I understood the assignment: giving 110% on your co-op!

Image of a staircase with the text "Always give 110%!" on it, three people icons, a gold trophy, a gold medal, and a light bulb.

Want to make the most out of your co-op this term? I've got you covered!

Turning a co-op position into a full-time career at KPMG

University of Waterloo Arts and Business co-op alum, Daynica Fisher, standing and smiling in a forest

Daynica Fisher is an Arts and Business Waterloo alum who majored in Sociology and minored in Human Resources Management. She shares her co-op experiences working in human resources and administration and how her co-op positions led her to a full-time career.

Paving the way through co-op

University of Waterloo Environment co-op student, Matt Jay, standing in a banquet hall

Matt Jay, a third-year Environment student in the School of Planning, tells us all about his co-op experiences working for different cities and that perseverance is key when it comes to co-op!

Digital acceleration: tips to prepare you for the future of work (a recap)

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Missed the Beyond Digital event? Here's what you need to know

We don’t know what the future is going to look like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare ourselves for it right now. In the midst of the pandemic, the world of work is becoming more digital than ever! But, as the world is changing, it’s important we learn how to progress ourselves as well.

A software engineer’s code for co-op

University of Waterloo Software Engineering co-op student, Joseph Tafese, sitting on a chair and talking

Joseph Tafese, a fourth-year Software Engineering student, shares the various software development jobs he has done for his co-op, and how his coding has progressed through his co-op experiences!

A Health student’s transition from working at home to in-person

University of Waterloo Health Sciences co-op student, Mahmoud Noweir, smiling while standing against a wall

Mahmoud Noweir, a second-year Health Sciences student, shares his experience working remotely as a Research Assistant, and tells us all about how his very first in-person co-op is going!

Finding your first job is hard...but it gets easier

University of Waterloo Arts co-op student, Hameedat smiling in a garden

Hameedat Busari, a 4A Economics student at the University of Waterloo, shares some of her highlights and challenges of her co-ops during the pandemic! 

How has working remotely changed your lifestyle?

Learning and growing through the healthcare industry

University of Waterloo Honours Health Studies co-op student, Hussain, standing in a venue

Hi! My name is Hussain Ali Naqvi and I'm a 3B Honours Health Studies co-op student. I wanted to share my co-op experiences in the healthcare system and the lessons I've learned on my journey to becoming a physician!

Who is your employer?

Finding a sense of direction through co-op

University of Waterloo Math co-op student, Everett, smiling in front of a staircase

Everett Zhang, a second-year Honours Math student, interested in pursuing a major in Computational Mathematics, gives us a little insight into his very first co-op experience and how it has helped him boost his confidence! 

The pre-interview ritual you never knew you needed: 5 steps to confidence

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A quick introduction!

“I’m so nervous!” The most overused line you say when you have an interview coming up. Your stomach hurts, you can’t think straight, you start having second thoughts, and ultimately just overwhelm yourself. But just like with most things in life, it's important that you mentally prepare yourself. You’re now probably asking, “Well how do I do that?” Don’t worry, I got you covered! Check out this pre-interview ritual I have created to help you get rid of those interview jitters.

Step 1: Wake up and have a healthy breakfast