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Driving sustainable change in STEM

Headshot of University of Waterloo student, Sophia Gabriel.

Sophia Gabriel (she/her) is a fourth-year Honours Science and Business student specializing in biotechnology. Sophia discusses how her interdisciplinary degree prepared her for the world of work, shares the importance of having a presence on LinkedIn and encourages women in STEM to step out of their comfort zones.

Making impacts to quality of life through scientific research

Milena Gojsevic smiling while standing in front of staircase

Milena Gojsevic (she/her) is the Co-op Student of the Year for the Faculty of Science. During her work term at Sunnybrook Hospital, she displayed commitment and curiosity towards scientific research.

Humans: the most valuable resource at work 

University of Waterloo student, Natalie Alhadidi, smiling in a grassy field with a windmill in the background.

Natalie Alhadidi (she/her) is a fourth-year Psychology student with an impressive set of interpersonal skills. As a student interested in a career in human resources, Natalie discusses the value of collaboration in the workplace, the importance of finding intrinsic motivation and the value of international co-op experiences. 

Securing a future in insurance

University of Waterloo student, Nancy Aboulhoda, smiling.

Nancy Aboulhoda (she/her), a third-year Science and Business student, provides insight and advice on working in the insurance industry at Definity Financial, one of the largest insurance corporations in Canada. Reflecting on her co-op journey, Nancy discusses the challenges she faced along the way, her current role as a campus ambassador and what makes Definity stand out from other companies.

Ambition and action: a changemaker’s vision for youth prosperity

University of Waterloo student, Darren Baine, sitting on a rocky beach with sunglasses.

Darren Harry Baine (he/him) is an individual on an inspired journey of continual growth and development. He views himself as an ‘inspired work-in-progress' in his third year of Biology with a Bioinformatics option. As an international student originally from Kampala, Uganda, he is determined to deliver quality education on an international scale through his non-profit initiative, the Young Eye Foundation. Darren shares his inspiring co-op and entrepreneurial journey, as well as how the Enterprise Co-op program enabled these two journeys to come together. 

Co-op is the time to try things

Ashley Ferreira smiling while standing on a beach.

Ashley Ferreira (she/her), a fourth-year Physics and Astronomy student, discusses her co-op experience at Waterloo that has taken her through natural resources, aerospace and the government. She mentions how venturing out of your ideal industry and trying different roles is beneficial.

Embracing change in multiple industries

Salma Marzouk smiling.

Salma Marzouk (she/her) is a fourth-year Science and Business student with four co-op terms under her belt. She discusses her experienced co-op resume, her switch from a healthcare position to ones in tech, her impressive queue of projects and how collaboration, as well as quality, are key to being a leader and keeping a company’s strategy in line.

Discovering the world of earth and space science

An image of Anthony

Anthony Girmenia (he/him), a third-year Physics and Astronomy student, shares his experience working in research positions and describes the remarkable projects he has worked on over the last few years.  

Exploring research in physics

Backpacking in Mt Seymour Provincial Park, BC

My name is Maggie, and I am in my third year of Physics and Astronomy!

How co-op led me to product management

An image of Ravicha

Ravicha Ravinthiran, a fourth-year Science and Business student, recaps her journey with co-op and finding full-time employment as a Product Manager. She also shares her advice on the process of finding a job.