January 2024

Research towards remission 

Rahul posing in a suit

Rahul Desai (he/him), a third-year Health student, discusses his experience at the Odette Cancer Center, his love for research and the wide variety of work within healthcare. 

Making a difference in mechanical engineering

University of Waterloo student, Aryaman Chaturani, holding a baby goat.

Aryaman Chaturani (he/him), a third-year mechanical engineering student, discusses his international co-op in Uttarakhand, India, what he learned from his time abroad and the importance of making positive contributions to society through engineering. 

Driving sustainable change in STEM

Headshot of University of Waterloo student, Sophia Gabriel.

Sophia Gabriel (she/her) is a fourth-year Honours Science and Business student specializing in biotechnology. Sophia discusses how her interdisciplinary degree prepared her for the world of work, shares the importance of having a presence on LinkedIn and encourages women in STEM to step out of their comfort zones.

Bringing people together in the digital world

Headshot of University of Waterloo student, Benjamin Ng.

Benjamin Ng (he/him), a second-year Software Engineering student, discusses his first work term in England, his passion for innovation and why he created Prep Trek, a nonprofit organization for incoming high school students.

Turning co-op dreams into reality through genetic counselling

Danielle Lebowitz smiling while standing in front of staircase

This year’s Co-op Student of the Year for the Faculty of Health is fourth-year Health Studies student Danielle Lebowitz (she/her).

Making the best out of waste: a greener future

Avery Sudsbury smiling while standing in front of staircase

Avery Sudsbury’s (she/her) passion and curiosity for the waste industry, demonstrated during her work term at the Engineering and Environmental Services, Region of Waterloo, has earned her the title of 

Working towards a better future: a public service student’s journey

Stephanie Davis smiling while standing in front of staircase

Stephanie Davis (she/her) is a Master of Public Service student in her second year.

Putting your best foot forward into physics and computer science research

Jessica Bohm smiling while standing in front of staircase

The Co-op Student of the Year for the Faculty of Mathematics is Jessica Bohm (she/her). Jessica combined her passion for computer science and curiosity for physics at TRIUMF.

Renewable solutions: problem solving in the energy sector

Frances Hallen smiling while standing in front of staircase

Frances Hallen (she/her) is the Co-op Student of the Year for the Faculty of Engineering this year.

Making impacts to quality of life through scientific research

Milena Gojsevic smiling while standing in front of staircase

Milena Gojsevic (she/her) is the Co-op Student of the Year for the Faculty of Science. During her work term at Sunnybrook Hospital, she displayed commitment and curiosity towards scientific research.

All hands on deck: co-op at the School of Anatomy

University of Waterloo students, Kaija and Megan, posing with their arms crossed in their lab coats.

Kaija Donaldson (she/her) and Megan Davitsky (she/her) are both entering their third year of Kinesiology. Having completed their first two co-op terms at the School of Anatomy, Kaija and Megan discuss their work as anatomy program assistants, the positive impacts they have made on Waterloo youth and what they hope to accomplish in the future.   

Scaling new heights on co-op

University of Waterloo student, Ryan Tang, taking a photo with his camera.

Ryan Tang (he/him) is a third-year Geological Engineering student with an unwavering spirit for adventure. He narrates the thrilling story behind the photo that won him first place in the “Where in the World?!” photo contest, recaps valuable lessons from all three of his work terms and provides insight for students considering an international experience of their own.

Sparking change from Waterloo to Austria

University of Waterloo student, Jessica Bona, smiling at a lookout point in Europe.

Jessica Bona (she/her) is a fourth-year Environment, Resources and Sustainability (ERS) student pursuing a minor in Peace and Conflict studies. As a recurring residence don at United College and Captain of the University of Waterloo dance team she is a pillar of the school community. Jessica discusses what drew her towards ERS, the value of working for a non-profit and her experience conducting research in Austria.  

Crunching numbers and building dreams

University of Waterloo student, Arnav Gupta, standing in front of a colourful wall.

Arnav Gupta (he/him), a third-year Honours Mathematics and Business Administration student, is making a name for himself in finance, one co-op term at a time. He shares some key advice on the value of online courses and volunteer opportunities, how to manage stress and how to remain adaptable when facing new challenges.  

“Seeking discomfort leads to great personal growth”

University of Waterloo student, Sam Roberge-Arnott, standing outside of Griffith Observatory with his bicycle.

Sam Roberge-Arnott (he/him) is in his fourth year of studying mechatronics engineering. Having completed six work terms, Sam imparts wisdom on building connections in university, standing out in competitive programs and embracing international opportunities.

Cracking the code to a successful co-op term

Prabhsharan standing in front of the Niagara Falls.

Prabhsharan Singh Sethi (he/him), a second-year Mathematics student, shares what he’s learned from his first co-op term at the Centre for Work-Integrated Learning. From interview preparation to finding a sense of belonging in his first year, Prahbsharan shares real challenges facing co-op students.

Blueprints and baguettes: designing buildings in Paris

University of Wateroo student, Michael Salib, smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Michael Salib (he/him), a fourth-year Architecture student, shares how the architecture curriculum and the co-op program offer students the freedom to explore new cultures and reconnect with their own.

Humans: the most valuable resource at work 

University of Waterloo student, Natalie Alhadidi, smiling in a grassy field with a windmill in the background.

Natalie Alhadidi (she/her) is a fourth-year Psychology student with an impressive set of interpersonal skills. As a student interested in a career in human resources, Natalie discusses the value of collaboration in the workplace, the importance of finding intrinsic motivation and the value of international co-op experiences. 

Great experiences in the great lakes

University of Waterloo student, Putri Cullinane, smiling on a trail in the woods.

Putri Cullinane (she/her) is a third-year Environment, Resources and Sustainability major pursuing a minor in Economics. Her passion for water research and climate action shines through as she discusses her work experience in government and non-profit roles, along with strategies for maintaining well-being in the face of eco-anxiety. 

Decoding challenges in the data world

University of Waterloo student, Shashwat Murawala, smiling in the forest.

Shashwat Murawala (he/him), a second-year Computer Science student, discusses his first co-op experience as a data analyst at JANA corporation while highlighting the importance of continuous learning in the ever-evolving technology field.