Posts for Current undergraduate students

Architectural ambitions: learning through purpose

Ricardo Dabydeen in suit

Ricardo Dabydeen (he/him), a fourth-year Honours Planning student specializing in urban design, discusses his passion for architecture and how he found a sense of giving back to his community through his co-op journey.

Ricardo's co-op journey:

Trial and error: finding your passion through co-op

Hannah Teetzel standing in front of Secretariat logo

Hannah Teetzel (she/her) is a fourth-year Math and Business Administration student. In her blog, Hannah discusses finding her passion through unique co-ops, learning from all her experiences and the importance of being there for one another in the workplace.

Hannah's co-op journey:

Co-op advice: don’t take a backseat to your life

University of Waterloo Health student, Kaitlyn Neustaedter, smiling

Kaitlyn Neustaedter (she/her) is a fourth year Faculty of Health student, minoring in psychology with an option in aging studies. She discusses her growth as a new professional through co-op and the importance of self-advocacy and intentionality during the application process.

Pollution awareness for a healthier future in Yellowknife

University of Waterloo Health student, Muskaan Grewal, posing and smiling

Muskaan Grewal (she/her), a fourth-year Public Health student, discusses her most recent co-op term working in the Northern Contaminants Program (NCP) under the Crown–Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada directorate.

Finding passion in the workplace through physiotherapy

Claire Lemon at work on desk

Claire Lemon (she/her), a fourth-year Kinesiology student, shares her journey from being a co-op student herself to now supervising new co-op students, the importance of building connections in the workplace and always putting her patients’ comfort first.

Research towards remission 

Rahul posing in a suit

Rahul Desai (he/him), a third-year Health student, discusses his experience at the Odette Cancer Center, his love for research and the wide variety of work within healthcare. 

Making a difference in mechanical engineering

University of Waterloo student, Aryaman Chaturani, holding a baby goat.

Aryaman Chaturani (he/him), a third-year mechanical engineering student, discusses his international co-op in Uttarakhand, India, what he learned from his time abroad and the importance of making positive contributions to society through engineering. 

Driving sustainable change in STEM

Headshot of University of Waterloo student, Sophia Gabriel.

Sophia Gabriel (she/her) is a fourth-year Honours Science and Business student specializing in biotechnology. Sophia discusses how her interdisciplinary degree prepared her for the world of work, shares the importance of having a presence on LinkedIn and encourages women in STEM to step out of their comfort zones.

Bringing people together in the digital world

Headshot of University of Waterloo student, Benjamin Ng.

Benjamin Ng (he/him), a second-year Software Engineering student, discusses his first work term in England, his passion for innovation and why he created Prep Trek, a nonprofit organization for incoming high school students.

Making the best out of waste: a greener future

Avery Sudsbury smiling while standing in front of staircase

Avery Sudsbury’s (she/her) passion and curiosity for the waste industry, demonstrated during her work term at the Engineering and Environmental Services, Region of Waterloo, has earned her the title of