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Embracing change in multiple industries

Salma Marzouk smiling.

Salma Marzouk (she/her) is a fourth-year Science and Business student with four co-op terms under her belt. She discusses her experienced co-op resume, her switch from a healthcare position to ones in tech, her impressive queue of projects and how collaboration, as well as quality, are key to being a leader and keeping a company’s strategy in line.

Salma's co-op journey:

Next stop, transit planning

Reeya Dalpati smiling.

Reeya Dalpati (she/her), is a recent Faculty of Environment graduate whose co-op journey has taken her all the way from her own faculty at the University of Waterloo to finding a passion for transportation planning.

Reeya’s co-op journey:

Rising up in the trading world

Business headshot of Gillian Trasuk.

Gillian Trasuk (she/her), is a fourth-year Honours Math student, specializing in business and minoring in computing. Her blog displays her shining business pedigree and how co-op was always on her Waterloo agenda.

Gillian’s co-op journey:

Work term one: For her first co-op term, Gillian worked as a quality assurance technician at Farm Business Consultants. She connected with clients to check their tax returns, demonstrating customer service skills.

Making moves in robotics

Todd Tang looking downwards.

In middle school, Todd Tang (he/him), discovered a passion that has led him to co-op at the University of Waterloo. Today, the second-year Mechatronics Engineering student talks about his goal to lend a helping hand to the field of robotics and bring robots, as well as his career, to life.

Todd's co-op journey:

Contributing to a healthy future

Deborah Tewelde smiling.

Deborah Tewelde is a third-year Health student. In her blog, she talks about her most recent work term, acquiring skills within the world of healthcare and how she’s taken on multiple responsibilities that have contributed to maximizing the efficiencies seen in her workplace.

What is your program and what year are you in?

I am studying Public Health and I am currently in my 3B term!

Who is your employer?

Turning to E Co-op - a fresh "start-up"

Nivi Ranjit.

Nivi Ranjit, a third year Arts student at the University of Waterloo, discusses her change in educational path from healthcare, to majoring in economics and how the Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) program with the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business is helping to "start-up" her future.

Loving co-op life on campus

Business headshot of Isabella Deak.

Isabella Deak (she/her), is in her fourth year of Arts and Business majoring in Sociology. Calling the University of Waterloo home for her entire co-op career, she shares how her journey through I.T., marketing and content development strengthened her technical skills and how her final work term is setting her up for success.

Isabella's co-op journey:

Contributing to Indigenous health internationally

Maya Morton Ninomiya smiling while holding a poster board.

Maya Morton Ninomiya, a fourth-year Health student, discusses her experience working in Australia and provides all the tips and tricks to tackling a term abroad.

What is your year and program?

I am currently in my fourth year of Health Studies!

Who is your employer?

The National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing Research, at the Australian National University (ANU).

A career in genetic counselling driven by co-op

Danielle Lebowitz.

Danielle Lebowitz, a fourth-year Health Sciences co-op student, shares her positive experience working as a genetic counselling assistant and how her patients have made the difference in her hopes of transforming it into a full-time career.

1. What year and program are you in?

I am in my 4A term in the School of Public Health Science's co-op program. 

2. Who is your employer?    

Finding new paths as a mature student

An image of Maire

Hi, my name is Máire Slater, and I am an Arts co-op student in English Rhetoric and Communication Design, in the Major Research Paper stream. 

I am a content designer at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).