November 2023

App development is one "mobile" skill

Skylar Ji posing in front of a body of water.

Skylar Ji, a second-year Computer Science student, shares her very first co-op experience, the skills she’s developed within mobile development, and how she aims to expand upon those skills within future CS and software roles.

Securing a future in insurance

University of Waterloo student, Nancy Aboulhoda, smiling.

Nancy Aboulhoda (she/her), a third-year Science and Business student, provides insight and advice on working in the insurance industry at Definity Financial, one of the largest insurance corporations in Canada. Reflecting on her co-op journey, Nancy discusses the challenges she faced along the way, her current role as a campus ambassador and what makes Definity stand out from other companies.

Building software skills in Britain

Tailai Wang hiking.

Hello! My name is Tailai Wang, a fifth-year Computer Science and Business Administration student. I’ll be sharing my story about my past internship in London, England as a Forward Deployed Software Engineer at Palantir Technologies!

From campus to cancer research

Janvi Tamakuwala smiling

Janvi Tamakuwala (she/her), a fourth-year Health student, discusses her most recent co-op term as a pancreatic cancer medical research assistant at the Notta Lab under the University Health Network (UHN).

Ambition and action: a changemaker’s vision for youth prosperity

University of Waterloo student, Darren Baine, sitting on a rocky beach with sunglasses.

Darren Harry Baine (he/him) is an individual on an inspired journey of continual growth and development. He views himself as an ‘inspired work-in-progress' in his third year of Biology with a Bioinformatics option. As an international student originally from Kampala, Uganda, he is determined to deliver quality education on an international scale through his non-profit initiative, the Young Eye Foundation. Darren shares his inspiring co-op and entrepreneurial journey, as well as how the Enterprise Co-op program enabled these two journeys to come together. 

A career check-in with Cameron

Cameron Stirrup sitting at his desk smiling.

Hello blog fans! Cameron here! If you don’t know me, I’d recommend you check out all the amazing student blogs we’ve featured so far this term.

Developing processes that transcend co-op

University of Waterloo Arts co-op student, Yatharth Sejpal, smiling with his arms crossed.

Yatharth Sejpal (he/him), a third-year Honours Psychology and Business student, guides us through his co-op journey, how to achieve the perfect interview and how putting in the time to go above and beyond has made his experience one of the greatest of his life. 

Working in the Waterloo web world

Willow Carmount sitting at her desk at Waterloo's IST department.

Willow Carmount (she/they), is a third-year Honours Arts and Business student majoring in Peace and Conflict studies, who’s called the University of Waterloo home for five work terms. During this time, she has used co-op as a chance to venture into industries she never thought she would - ultimately discovering a future career in technology.