Co-op helps Math student find his interest in Actuarial Science

Adam smilingAdam McIntosh, a 3B Math Business student pursuing a double degree in Actuarial Science and Statistics, shares his co-op experience and how it has helped toward his career goals.  

Adam worked as a Finance Intern at Venterra Realty where he completed a variety of tasks. This included accounting, programming and human resources tasks. In his second co-op term, he went to Canada Life where he was an Actuarial Student. This is when Adam decided he wanted to pursue a major in Actuarial Science. For his third co-op term, Adam had the chance to work at Pacific Life as an Actuarial Intern where he worked closely with their modelling team. 

How has co-op helped you toward your career goals? 

“I feel like I'm getting a breadth of experience in the industry, as well as working with tools that they use in the industry, which you wouldn't necessarily get through your schooling."

"In terms of programs, we use an actuarial-specific software, obviously, we wouldn't use that at all in school. So, getting experienced with those types of software.” 

What tips would you give someone going into co-op? 

“Don't get your heart set on any one position. It's important to apply to them but have your plan B's, and C's. But at the same time, don't apply to 100 different jobs. Definitely be selective with your applications but, be conscious. Have your plan B's and backup plans.” 

Adam smiling


Adam smiling in front of a lake

How do you think an individual can stand out when applying to jobs? 

"I would say, it's all about, how can you better yourself."

"Everybody's in school, you're competing against a bunch of other people that are all math degrees of some kind? What are you doing that they're not doing? What's your work experience? What are you doing in your spare time, in terms of volunteer experience?"

"Develop skills and if you have any projects that you're working on be sure to highlight that. Make sure to also use keywords in your resume that they put in their job description.”  

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